You’ve done the difficult part. You’ve written the book and polished the manuscript. You’ve packaged it with an attractive cover and enticing blurb, picked your distributors, and set up your Amazon author page. Now it’s time to learn how to promote your ebook. 

This article will take you through the basics of ebook promotion. To launch your ebook, you need to:

  • Make the most of your website
  • Get the word out
  • Attract reviewers
  • Give it away
  • Email your lists
  • Promote your book on the right sites

Ensure that all your hard work pays off! Your audience is out there. The internet is full of avid readers and people eager for ebook and e-learning opportunities. Get your manuscript the readership it deserves with a few key strategies. 

We make it easy to get your work out to your network and beyond with all the marketing tools you need.

Make the most of your website

Put some of the care you showed your ebook into your website. Use a website builder to craft a professional and attractive website that is:

  • Mobile-optimized
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Efficient and fast-loading
  • Informative 
  • Set up to collect visitor information
  • Connected to your Amazon page and Goodreads account

A blog can take your site to the next level. You can tease content from your book, repackaging it for educational blog posts. Not writing nonfiction? No problem, write about your research or start a blog on writing.

Your website is your internet home base. Everything that follows works best if you have a welcoming space to receive the people you’re trying to attract.

Get the word out 

Start spreading the news. That much is obvious, but how can you maximize your reach beyond your friends and family?

Social media networks

Develop a focused social media strategy that will help you build your readership and connect with people interested in your area of expertise or genre.

Use your accounts to post promotions and updates. With the largest and broadest reach, Facebook is a good place to start. Depending on your audience, a Snapchat or LinkedIn account might also be valuable. 

Instagram has become particularly popular with readers. You could try starting your own bookstagram, an account dedicated to the written word.

ebook promotion through a #bookstagram account
Instagram has become a hotspot for book-focused accounts listed under the hashtag: bookstagram.

As you post on social media, keep the following words in mind:

  • Awareness: Get on their radar
  • Engagement: Pique their interest
  • Action: Call on them to do something such as visit a webpage, respond to a post, sign up for a list, or download a sample

These are the three types of responses you want to elicit. Design your social media strategy accordingly.

Bloggers and influencers

Contact book bloggers or people who blog on topics you cover in your ebook. Offer them free copies of the book in the hope that they’ll mention it on their site. Reach out to social media influencers and podcasters or YouTube hosts, as well.

Bring up the possibility of an interview or guest blog.  People who need to produce a large amount of content might be happy to do an ebook promotion in exchange for the extra pen or voice.

Local book clubs and interest groups

Promote your book to locals. The local connection intrigues readers and makes them more likely to leave a review or recommend your book to friends.

Attract reviewers

Good reviews convince potential readers that your book is worth their time. The ebook market is competitive and contains a large range of quality. Reviews help readers sift through the selection.

There are several ways to boost your review number. One of the best ways to get reviews is to offer people who’ve reviewed earlier books a free copy in return for a review. 

If you don’t already have an audience, read the reviews for similar books and jot down the names of people who’ve written insightful and well-regarded reviews. Then contact them directly to offer them a copy of your book.

Give it away

That’s right. Give the book away for free. Or offer it at a serious discount. If your ebook’s primary purpose is lead generation, you might want to give it away on a permanent basis. If your book is your primary product, book giveaways and discounts can still help you:

  • Expand your readership
  • Increase review numbers 
  • Build traffic and word of mouth
  • Lead to selling other books at full price
  • Invest readers in a series

Alternatively, you might make a limited number of chapters available to download or read on your website. Give people a taste of the content you offer and trust that they’ll want to read the whole thing.

Run promotions when launching a new title or generate new interest in an established series or catalog. Holiday and summertime ebook promotions are also effective. Readers are often looking for new books then.

Email your lists

The work you put into building your website and capturing leads pays off here. Use Constant Contact’s email tools to send out publication announcements and special offers to people who’ve already indicated an interest in your work. 

Segment your lists appropriately. Many people are reluctant to sign up for an unknown number of emails but may be more willing to receive publication announcements alone.

Promote your book on the right sites

With so many ebook promotion sites out there, it’s important to prioritize, placing your efforts where they can do the most good. 

The most effective websites generally require some monetary investment but get glowing endorsements by real authors. Note that some of these services have a tiered price structure, depending on the price of your book, or they require that your book is free (at least temporarily).


BookBub has the best track record when it comes to boosting sales. BookBub is more selective and more expensive than similar services, but many authors affirm its high return rate. 

Signing up for an account and claiming your author profile is free, but you’ll have to apply and pay (if accepted) for a Featured Deal or Featured New Release. BookBub then includes your book in its promotions, reaching large and targeted lists of readers looking for new books in your genre. 

The price depends on the price of your ebook and the size of the respective BookBub list. 

Homepage of BookBub a website for readers -- perfect for ebook promotion
BookBub’s ebook promotions can get your title in front of millions of readers interested in your topic or genre.

Bargain Booksy

Bargain Booksy operates much in the same way as BookBub and has the same type of price differentiation. It is simpler and less expensive but doesn’t have quite the same reach as BookBub.


KbookPromotions is ideal for those who need to get their books in front of engaged reviewers. Their most popular package sees them deliver your book to their most consistent, active reviewers, leading to an infusion of testimonials. Another service will promote your book more widely, resulting in a greater number of downloads but (likely) fewer reviews.

Free sites

Free ebook promotion sites are more of a gamble, but you’re only risking your time. Your options include:

Some of these sites also have paid options. If one seems to be generating significant leads, then upgrade, increasing your exposure there.

You should also set up your Goodreads author page. Maximize its effectiveness by adding your book to the right lists with Listopia. That way, happy readers can endorse your work by upvoting it.

Let success breed success

Starting is the hardest part. Give your book a killer launch by optimizing your website, contacting the right people, getting reviewed, and using ebook promotion sites. Once your book is out there, you can keep the momentum going with automated email lists and social media tools

For more tips, check back for other relevant blog articles. You can also read The Download, Constant Contact’s guide to digital marketing. Not only will it take you through a full course on digital marketing, but you can also use the book as a case study!