Email Design Best Practices: How to Design the Perfect Email in 2016

First impressions matter. And when someone opens your email, what they see is going to determine what they do next.

Following email design best practices ensures your email looks good and delivers real results.

If you’re using an email marketing service like Constant Contact to do your email marketing, you’re in luck.

Unlike personal email accounts (like Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL) email marketing services give you tools to create emails that look great in any inbox — whether someone is reading on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Once you get familiar with how these tools work, you can make decisions about how to design your emails. What colors or fonts will you use? How will you incorporate your brand? How can you organize your layout to make it easy for people to read?

This guide explores the email best practices you need to create emails that work in 2016.

Download your copy of our new guide, Designing the Perfect Email: How to design marketing emails that look great and deliver real results.

Designing the Perfect Email Guide cover

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