This may come as a surprise, but if you’re playing fantasy football, you already have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful at email marketing.

Trust me, I know it sounds crazy. What could fantasy football have to do with marketing your business?

But before you close this post and move on to the million other things you probably need be doing, take a few moments to consider these 5 points:

1. You can tackle the technology

From drafting players, managing rosters, reviewing trades, and monitoring the endless amount of other activity happening in your league — you’ve already proven how easy it is to learn a new technology.

Getting started with email marketing is no different. Plus, you’ll have plenty of help getting your campaign out the door.

(You can learn in-person, learn online, or call and speak to a real person. Whatever is most convenient for you.)

2. You are an expert, a REAL expert

There’s no shortage of “expert” opinions in the fantasy football world.

But when it comes to email marketing — you’re already the expert.

You know your customers, you understand their needs, and you’ve been delivering a quality experience since the day you opened your doors or started your organization. That expertise will be your biggest advantage when you start to take those relationships to the inbox.

3. You know the value of a good trade

If you’ve been playing fantasy football for awhile, you’ve probably run into a few people who really do not understand the concept of a fair trade.

This is a common email marketing misstep as well.

You can’t expect to get something from your audience if you’re unwilling to give them something in return. Offering something of value will set you apart in the inbox and put you ahead of other salesy messages plenty of brands are sending out.

4. You already have a winning team

With email marketing, you have a team you can rally.

These are the people who have an interest in your business and are likely already seeking out information about your products and services online. They’ve shopped at your store, visited your website, and have probably helped introduce you to their friends and family.

They are your biggest fans and would jump at the chance to stay connected if given the opportunity.

5. You’re a pro at tracking your results

When I talk to people who are passionate about fantasy football, one of the things I’m most impressed with is their ability to keep track of scores and numbers and use that information to improve their results.

Just as you consider a player’s week-to-week performance when filling out your roster or evaluating a trade, you’ll need to be able to take the numbers in your email marketing reports (open rates, click-through rates, bounces, etc.) and use them to make smarter email marketing decisions.

It’s something that all successful email marketers do well and it’s something you’re already a pro at.

Hey, you’re still here!

I hope this post proved that beyond increasing your Football IQ, your fantasy football experience can put you in a good position to market your business online.

If you haven’t already, sign up for your free 60-day trial and put your talents to work.

If you know someone who loves fantasy football, but is still on the fence about email marketing, make sure to share this post!