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In a recent infographic, we asked a selection of the UK’s top digital marketing experts for their top tip for integrating social media and email marketing. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to expand on these tips and really dig into the details, starting with this great bit of advice from Dave Chaffey, CEO of marketing advice site SmartInsights.com.

The Smart way to use email marketing to support social media engagement is to find opportunities to automatically send emails to your subscribers that encourage them to engage with social media. So far, so obvious, but the trick is to map opportunities to send behavioural or even-triggered emails throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, a welcome email could encourage a customer to check out a brand on a social media site, whilst a post-purchase email could encourage a review to be shared on social media.

In other words, we should try to evade the ‘one message fits all approach’ and strive to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Dave has already suggested how to engage email subscribers with social media at the acquisition stage and the purchase stage, but there are many other opportunities for businesses to engage email subscribers on social. Here are our top five:

1. Acquisition

All new email subscribers should receive a welcome message and this is a great opportunity to ask them to connect on social media as well. The more touch points businesses can establish with their customers and potential customers, the stronger the relationship can become, so ensure that your welcome message contains a clear call to action.

2. Pre-purchase

Interested subscribers that are not yet customers would be very well suited to lead warming activities. For B2B companies this could be webinars, downloadable white papers or educational blog posts whilst B2C companies may have competitions running on social media or be offering discounts or vouchers to their social media contacts.

3. Post-purchase

90% of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their purchase decisions, so it’s important to incentivise customers to review products and services and to ask them to share their reviews with their social media contacts.

4. Engaged customers

Social media offers a real opportunity for businesses to engage with existing customers and to strengthen the relationship between them. The result is that the next time the customer needs their product or service, they’re already front of mind and there’s already a degree of trust established. Be sure to share popular social media content as part of your regular email newsletter to encourage this.

5. Lapsed customers

If the honeymoon period appears to be over and a customer starts opening fewer email newsletters and clicking on fewer links, it sometimes needs a bit of fun to reengage them. Playful content such as a contest or quiz is one way of doing this and social media offers a cost effective and easy platform on which to host it.

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