If you’re using email marketing for your small business, you know how valuable growing your email list can be.

As your list grows, so does the likelihood that your target audience will receive your messages. You’ll reach more people who will help your business grow by becoming repeat customers that spread the word about your business.

Continuing to actively grow your contact list allows you to keep an ongoing cycle of customers, clients, and prospects opting in to receive information from you. This creates more opportunities to be there when they need you and more chances to grow your business beyond the inbox.

How does your list-building efforts compare to other small businesses?

Recently, we asked 700 small business owners what they were doing to grow their email list and why.

Here are some of the findings that we think all small businesses need to be aware of:

1. 57% of small businesses indicate that they are actively trying to grow their list “at all times.”

We discovered that list growth has become an objective that now expands beyond the point of sale and networking events. Small businesses realize that any customer interaction has the potential to develop into a more consistent, ongoing relationship.

2. 44 percent of small businesses say repeat business is the primary reason for email list building, while 39 percent say relationship building is the main reason for growing their email list.

Overall, small businesses realize that engaging customers via email leads to a stronger customer identification with their brand, directly driving positive business results.

3. More than two-thirds of small businesses train their employees to request customer contact info.

Your employees already play an important role in helping you attract new customers and drive repeat business. Today, more than ever, small businesses are recognizing the value in training employees to encourage customers to stay in-touch after they walk out the door.

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How are you growing your email list?

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans, which list-building tactics worked best for their business. From exclusive giveaways to face-to-face interactions, there are a number of ways our fans are growing their lists.

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