How many of you have checked your email on a mobile device today?

I will admit that I checked on my mobile phone as I woke up and while I was walking the dog before I came to work.

Do I have a problem with mobile addiction? Perhaps, but I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone.

Apparently, 49% of us admit we have an issue with using our mobile devices too much and 83% of us sleep with our mobile by our sides?

The good news is that this addiction to mobile is only increasing the effectiveness of email marketing, which remains one of the best ways to reach and connect with your audience. Here are 5 things you can do to make the most of mobile in your email program:

1. Make me pay attention. Just as in any place you read email, getting your reader’s attention and keeping it is a deal breaker. Your subject lines need to compel me to want to read and act now. Otherwise, your message will be ignored or deleted. Remember: Some mobile devices show only 27 characters of your subject line, so be concise and engaging.

2. Give me something to do. Mobile addicts like me are always on the go, and we are people of action. In fact, the majority of people who search for something via a mobile device act on the result within a 1-hour timeframe. Your email campaigns should make use of this. A clear and useful call to action is required. The message could be everything from “Buy now,” to a link to product/service reviews, or even a way to get an instant discount that I can get simply by showing my mobile phone when making a purchase. You know it’s a good call to action if someone can act on it right here, right now, and you can track the impact on your business.

3. Make it easy for me to find you. We mobile addicts search the internet for info on the go, and we are specific and location-driven. When putting together your email messages, always include your physical address and perhaps also a link to a map tool that tells people exactly where you are. Speaking of which, have you claimed your Google Placeyet? If yes, link to that listing from your email. That will tighten up the geographic relationship of your email and the location of the mobile reader. Why should you care about that? Because when someone performs a search on a mobile device — for a “dry cleaner,” for example — Google will automatically suggest results that are near where the searcher is. When the searcher picks the short cut, you want your web-hosted email to show up.

4. Make it easy for me to Like and share. As often as the mobile addicts are checking email, they are also tapping into their social networks. Do you provide your email reader with a quick and easy way to share it on their networks, or to “Like” your message or Page on Facebook? If yes, then you are tapping into your readers’ network and reaching qualified people you did not know before. Think about this: When I Like your email on Facebook, my 320 friends are notified and prompted to check out your email message. Since we know that so many mobile addicts have friends who are just as connected, expect instant access to this extended audience.

5. Make it easy for me to say “yes.” How many times have you seen a picture like the one on the right? That’s a QR code, and they seem to be showing up everywhere you turn. Why? Because they’re a quick and easy way to let mobile users access information. You can use a QR code to share a web-hosted version of your email or to direct people to a place where they can sign up for your email list. Then, place these QR codes around your business or event and watch the mobile sign ups roll in.

You can also make it easy by tapping into existing behavior. For example, communicating via text message is already something people are doing; Portio Research predicts trillion texts will be sent this year. Why not use a text-to-join tool that will enable mobile users to add themselves to your mailing list? Consider encouraging that sign-up by offering a discount a person can take advantage right then and there, that will show up in the confirmation message.

Are you a mobile addict? How many times a day do you check your email and act on it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.