As one of the Boot Camp trainers for Constant Contact’s hands-on product workshops, I meet businesses of all sizes that ask similar questions.

Most recently, there have been several questions around how to create images for their emails. For example…

“Do you have a work around for editing images?”

“Do you know a great place to create a logo?”

“Do you know how I can customize this image?”

And while the easy answer would be to say, “Just buy some image editing software.” That’s not realistic for many small businesses.

Instead, I show them one of my favorite image editing tools called PicMonkey. This image editing tool gives you the ability to take an image and convert it into a really eye-catching visual that looks like it was created by a professional.

And the best part is—PicMonkey is seamlessly integrated into Constant Contact’s Email Marketing tools.

Creating a great logo using PicMonkey

One of the best examples I have experienced when it comes to using PicMonkey for an email campaign, came from a gentleman in one of my “Successful Email Marketing” Boot Camp classes. He asked…

“How can I use PicMonkey to make a logo?”

Step-by-step I showed him how to take a stock image from the gallery of MyLibraryPlus and load it into PicMonkey. This stock image just happened to be a picture of a man playing the harmonica, which was exactly what this gentleman’s nonprofit did. He taught free weekly lessons to anyone willing to learn the harmonica.

We then added some filters to the image, cropped out some extra space, typed in his company name, and created a brand new logo he could now use in his email marketing.

He was thrilled!

Going beyond the basics

PicMonkey is really user friendly, so it doesn’t take long to start creating really cool images, but if you want to get beyond the basics, read this blog post and then attend one of our hands-on Boot Camps.

Our Boot Camp trainers will show you how to use Constant Contact’s Email Marketing and PicMonkey to create eye-catching emails your customers will not only read, but will move them to action.

Want to get some hands-on training for yourself? See if there’s a Boot Camp in your area.