3 Smart Email Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Business at Christmas

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Christmas is coming and online sales are booming. As an e-commerce business, you will no doubt be hungry for your slice of the pie. Your Christmas marketing strategy may even include an ingenious email marketing for ecommerce campaign to bring the customers a’clicking. After all, email is one of the best ways to engage with your customers and prospects.

But email marketing is often pretty misunderstood.

Too many businesses scattergun email campaigns without thinking about the nuances of the medium and without thinking about their recipients, but succeeding with email marketing starts with putting your recipient front and centre. A little consideration for your reader’s feelings, fears, needs, and desires will go a long, long way – not to be sniffed at when the e-commerce battlefield is as cluttered as Santa’s toyshop.

Here are some small ways you can make a big difference to your email marketing this Christmas.

 1.  Email your Christmas postage deadlines. Become a hero.

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping?

If you are one of those super-organised types who has every gift ordered and wrapped by the middle of December then good for you. But spare a thought for the rest of us, for whom December is routinely spent in a residually flustered state, panicking about having not even started the Christmas shopping while the 25th races into view at warp speed.

A significant chunk of your customers and prospects will leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute. Do them a favour and send out an email showing clearly what your last delivery days are. It’s a simple idea that’s incredibly useful. And in your reader’s mind, you will morph into this kind of ultra-considerate, helpful and empathetic superbeing. Nice.

For bonus points, you should also include the name of the courier or delivery handler – and state whether or not your customer will need to be available to sign for their package. One simple email is all it takes. After that, you should strongly consider including your final delivery dates at the bottom of every subsequent pre-Christmas email.

 2.  Remember that email is a two-way channel

Are you using a no-reply email address? Hmm.

You do know your reader can see that, right? Like, really clearly? Do you know what that says? It says: “We really want you to pay attention to us, but we’re too busy to listen to you. DON’T BOTHER US.”

Bit rude.

Never block a route for a customer or prospect to get in touch with you. Email is a communicative touch point and you should use it. What if your reader has questions about a product? Or needs support on a transaction? It could be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer.

Don’t annoy your readers by being the annoying one at the party who only wants to talk about themselves.

 3.  Create a segmented list of the people who purchase at Christmas

Everyone likes a nice surprise.

Your email campaign software should allow you to segment your list of subscribers based on whether or not they have purchased from you during the festive season. Now, what if you followed them up in January with a discount voucher to say thanks for shopping with you? You’ll win some serious brownie points and potentially turn a one-time purchaser into a regular customer.

And hey, you could reach out to them next Christmas too.

In a nutshell…?

  • Work out your final postage dates and share them in an email to your subscribers
  • Don’t send your emails from a no-reply email address – be open
  • Turn one-off purchasers into repeat customers by following up with those who buy at Christmas

Worried that you don’t have enough time to create a proper email campaign this year? Don’t worry…our small business marketing services have you covered.

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