Raising a child is a huge responsibility.

Just ask mom. Growing up, whether you knew it or not, you came to expect a lot from her.

Instinctively, she knew there were certain things you needed in order to succeed in this world and become the person you are today.

And if mom were in charge of your email marketing, she’d tell you that your audience expects certain things from you too.

You have a responsibility to help them grow.

Here’s what your audience is expecting you to do:

1. Protect them

There’s a special bond between mother and child. A trust. When someone gives you their email address they’re putting their trust in you. It’s up to you keep this relationship safe by honoring that trust. Never share their email address with others.

2. Know them

No one knows you like mom. Your audience also expects you to understand their wants and needs. This allows you to provide relevant information that helps your audience grow.

3. Help them

Mom knows to give you guidance when you’re in a jam. Your email marketing works better when it’s designed to help your audience solve a problem. Your emails should leave them with knowledge they didn’t have before they read it.

4. Promise them

Whether she intended to or not, with every action mom was making a promise. A promise that you could believe in what she was telling you. You’re making the same type of promise to the people who join your list. If you fail to deliver on that promise, why would they believe in your products or services?

5. Respond to them

Mom knows that every interaction requires an appropriate response. Email is a two-way form of communication. Your audience can reply, click, block, unsubscribe, and share your emails. Each of these actions deserves the appropriate follow up from you.

6. Teach them

Mom taught you to make informed decisions. Your audience also wants to make informed decisions. Email allows you to deliver quality information in a concise format so they can do just that.

7. Grab them

Mom grabs attention just by entering the room or with the tone of her voice. In the crowded inbox, your emails get prioritized by how well you can grab attention and how clearly you deliver your message.

8. Ask them

Mom knows better than to do things without checking with you first. Well, most times anyway. The point is … never add someone to your email list without their permission. It does more harm than good.

9. Give them options

Mom offered you choices so you could make your own decisions. Your audience likes to make their own decisions about the information they want to receive. Give them a choice about the information they can receive.

10. Free them

Mom understands that some day you’ll want to move out on your own or that your interests may change. Your audience needs the ability to do the same. Include an unsubscribe link in every email and the ability to manage the lists they’re subscribed to.

Mom knows best

As you’re putting together your email marketing, keep mom in mind. She’ll help you make decisions that benefit you and your audience.

Are there any other things you or your audience expects from email marketing? Tell us below.