Whether you’re onstage performing for a full house or at your desk about to send out your latest email newsletter, you want to make sure your audience is engaged.

This is a challenge the Dominelli School of Music tackles every single day.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the school offers a variety of private and group lessons, as well as a fine arts preschool and band program. “We see ourselves as more than a music studio,” says community manager, Cynthia Lee. “We like to see ourselves as a community.”

For the Dominelli School of Music, email marketing ensures that their audience is engaged even when they’re away from the school.

“We’ve been using email marketing since the beginning,” Cynthia says. “It’s been really important for keeping our customers engaged. It helps us get the word out about news and events, and build brand loyalty. It also really makes our customers feel like they matter.”

Since getting started with email marketing in July 2014, Cynthia has learned a lot about what type of emails resonate with their audience and how to engage readers with a variety of content.

Let’s look at 5 types of emails the Dominelli School of Music sends to connect with their customers:

1. Event highlights

With a busy schedule of performances each month, the school sends out monthly newsletters to keep their audience up-to-date. This promotion helps fill seats at events, and also makes the performers feel special and appreciated.

“The newsletters help us let the parents know what we’re doing, like recitals and new programs we have available. It’s a really great way to keep in touch with our families,” says Cynthia. “They like to know what’s going on in the studio and to feel informed.”

To make sure the emails can be read easily on mobile devices as well as a desktop, the school uses a single column mobile-friendly template. Each message also features their logo prominently at the top, incorporates their school colors, and links off to their website and social media channels.

2. Student features

To make their newsletters feel even more personal, the Dominelli Music School likes to put their students front and center in the emails they send out.

“We do a Student of the Month, and select one of our students to highlight and do a short interview with,” says Cynthia.

Putting their students first and highlighting individuals who are going above and beyond, motivates other students to do their best and strengthens their involvement. Adding an interview component gives the student the chance to feel like the star and share their unique perspective and personality.

Dominelli student of the month

3. First looks

One of the main benefits of joining the mailing list for the Dominelli School of Music is that these contacts are often the first to know about new programs and offers.

This not only helps the mailing list feel in-the-know, but also provides valuable business opportunities and results for the school as well. This was something Cynthia recently realized while promoting the school’s new band program.

“We’ve seen results come from receiving registration for new classes,” Cynthia explains. “We’re in the process of launching a new band program, and so we put a feature in our newsletter — about the program, why it’s important, and how you can join. After the newsletter went out, we had a lot of students expressing interest and registering right away. It’s been a great way to expand our program.”

4. Exclusive promotions

Beyond timely updates, the school likes to reward its most loyal audience members by sending special offers. These offers are another great incentive for members to join the mailing list so they won’t miss out on special deals.

One example is the recent holiday promotion, where the school offered a 50 percent discount for all classes. This email resulted in a large increase in class registration, and provided great value for the schools loyal customer base.

Dominelli romotion email

5. Regular surveys

In addition to sending regular messages out, the schools works to ensure their emails are providing avenues for two-way communication. One of the best ways to get their mailing list to respond is with an online survey.

“We want to make sure our families are enjoying their experience, so we send out a couple surveys each year — once a semester, one in September and one in January.  We ask about their experience, what we can improve on, what they’re enjoying about their lessons. And we found that’s a really great way to get feedback,” says Cynthia.

Cynthia can create, send, and track results for online surveys right within her Constant Contact account. By taking the time to quickly check in and asking the right questions, the school emphasizes how much they value their audience’s opinions and show their dedication to providing the best experience possible for their community.

Using a combination of these 5 types of emails builds customer loyalty and brings the school results that they can be proud of.

Each email the school sends is received by an enthusiastic audience that looks forward to an encore each month. The Dominelli School consistently sees open rates that are higher than their industry average — and more importantly — they are driving action and engagement with each message they send out.

“Our audience opens our newsletters because they know that it will contain information that’s important to them.  We try to keep our content as relevant as we can, and I think that plays a big role in our success,” says Cynthia.

Try using one of these 5 ideas in your next email campaign!

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