When Adrian Taylor co-founded Vertical Image Property Photography in 2006, he knew there was a difficult task in front of him.

After all, the Surrey, UK based company, which “provides imaging services to marketers of premium properties,” was unknown and needed to build a client base from scratch.

So how did he do it? Email marketing!

Vertical Image’s goal was to show readers examples of the company’s unique, low-altitude, aerial shots to get them to really “experience” the business. “We wanted our clients to be able to imagine the possibilities through imagery that inspires,” Adrian says.

Using email marketing, Vertical Image Property Photography has grown their client base to over 250 agents and developers, with plans to increase this number to 750 by the end of 2013. The company is also expanding into France and Germany.

With stylized graphics, imagery, and content that was relevant to its readers in their emails, Vertical Image created a balance of information that appealed to readers and got them to take action.

Just take a look:


Adrian starts his emails with a visual header introducing the company. The logo establishes the brand while the stylized categories across the top identify different areas of the business and drive traffic back to the website.

The photos arranged below the categories provide concrete examples of their service. Take advantage of your header by introducing your business to the reader.


Using a side bar to feature the “shots of the month” series, Adrian generates further interest around the Vertical Image brand. Highlighting clickable links with “click here” graphics draws attention and engages the reader.

The column’s visual component is simple and showcases Vertical Image’s work. Using a column or sidebar is an effective way to properly utilize space and compliment your other content.


Disclosing the right amount of information without being boring or “salesy” can be a challenge. Adrian keeps readers invested by creating a story they can connect with. He provides context to the visuals and cites studies that support Vertical Image’s purpose. Using data and stories that resonate reinforces the power of your work so customer interest turns into desire.


After letting the majority of the content speak for itself, Adrian presents a call to action followed by a summarized bullet list of Vertical Image’s services. Getting to the bottom line with a footer that both highlights the benefits of your business and provides contact information is the best way to leave an impression on your reader and prepare them to take the next step.

Snapshot of Success

Adrian directly attributes the majority of Vertical Image’s business growth to email marketing. “Several clients have told me they gave us work initially because the emails were so great,” he explains.

Now that’s a testimonial every business would like to hear.

Vertical Image doesn’t miss an opportunity when it comes to email marketing. How can your business make the most of its message and turn readers into customers?

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