This is a guest post by my alter ego, Rich Media. Rich Media has been engaging on Facebook since as long as he can remember. Use these tips if you want to consistently get the most engagement on Facebook.

Hey, how’s it going?

Dave tells me that you may be struggling to engage with your Facebook fans. Awww, man. I hate to hear that. But don’t worry, I’m going to help you out.

Listen, it’s great when people “Like” your Facebook updates, but if you really want to knock it out of the park, you need people to do more. That means you want them to comment, and most of all you want them to share. Let’s face it: Sharing is the holy grail of Facebook marketing.

So how do you get more “Likes,” comments, and shares?

Basically, you want to be posting things that have the best chance of getting some engagement from your fans.

I’m going to give you three super easy ways to make sure your posts are engaging, and therefore getting seen by more of your fans and more of their friends.

Sound good? Of course it does. 🙂

Do this stuff to get the most engagement on Facebook

1. Use more photos

for more engagement on Facebook use rich media

Facebook posts with photos are the most likely to engage users. There’s even a Facebook engagement study that proves it.

If you think about it, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Photos, obviously, grab attention visually, and people must click them to get a closer look. So use an intriguing photo to get people’s attention. Be sure to give it a caption, too. I’ve seen people using the caption space to write more without having to link off Facebook.

2. Use video

(Watch this video to see how much fun Rich Media can be.)

Video is engaging because you can see and hear people, giving you a better sense of who they are. Like photos, people must click on something to get a closer look at a video. They also take up more real estate in a newsfeed, making them easier to notice. Perhaps that’s why video posts have the second-highest engagement rate.

3. Have some fun

For more engagement on Facebook have some fun

Post a multiple-choice question, ask open-ended questions, and ask people to fill in the blank. When you do this, you’re giving people permission to engage with you. They know you want their opinions. Not everyone will participate, but you’ll encourage those who are already predisposed to do so. Just be sure to ask your fans explicitly for a comment.

Now let me give you the most important tip of all!

Ready? Know your audience. When you combine what your audience really cares passionately about with the tips I gave you above, you’re going to be rockin’ and rollin’. And that’s no joke.

By now you’re probably wondering, “Rich Media, does this stuff really work?”

Of course it does! Do you think I’d be wasting your time? That’s not my style.

Just check out these results

more engagement on Facebook with video

The American Distilling Institute got 130 plus new “Likes” for their Facebook Page by offering an exclusive video to their fans. That’s pretty sweet!

Let’s make sure you’ve got this straight

Use photos, videos, and have some fun engaging with your fans about what they really care about. That’s a recipe for success.

Party on, friends!

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