Perhaps no single word is doing more to refine the events industry. No longer is it acceptable to hold an event without clear goals or a concrete sense of how the event will advance your organization’s objectives.

Special events are a vehicle used to accomplish something, just like advertising, direct mail, or other marketing mediums. Yet, unlike most other mediums, events provide the greatest ability for high-touch interaction with attendees.

You have them in one place for several hours where you control every aspect of the experience including the environment, what they see, hear, eat, drink, touch, and take homeā€”all of which should be focused on driving engagement. You want the attendees walking out of your event fully energized about your brand or your organization.

So what does all of this mean for nonprofits?

Engagement is key at fundraising events for nonprofits

Because nonprofits are facing a landscape of donor fatigue and donors are challenged by economic conditions, fundraising events are critical to not only raise money, but to convert as many attendees into passionate long-term supporters and ambassadors of the organization.

Constant Contact has long been a proponent of using events to drive deeper engagement with your supporters and constituents. Our suite of products is built to leverage the power of live events, before, during, and after the event.

It is for this reason we are eager to share with you a new eBook sponsored by Constant Contact in conjunction with the Event Leadership Institute.

Cause Connection: Making Your Fundraising Event More Impactful by Connecting Your Audience to Your Mission

The purpose of this eBook

We can all benefit by sharing insights into how to build stronger and smarter connections to our event attendees, and the ideas contained here are a great place to start. We hope these case studies are helpful in jump-starting your thinking around ways to engage your supporters, connect them with your mission, and make your fundraising efforts more impactful.

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