When people register for your event it increases the likelihood that they will attend.

And gives you more information about the people interested in your organization.

Your goal should be to drive as many registrations as possible.

But how do you do it?

Apply these three best practices to your next event promotion strategy to increase the number of registrants:

  • Promote your event homepage: Sometimes your event awesomeness cannot be contained by one event invitation or 140 characters. That’s where a standalone webpagecomes in. You’re able to create a landing page for your event to help drive registrations. It’s prime real estate you can use to get people excited about attending. Think of all the possibilities. Speaker pictures and bios. Auction items. Quotes from highly satisfied past attendees. Include any additional information you think will help get people to register for your event.
    Once you have it set up, promote it! Include a link to the event homepage on your website, your Facebook Page, Twitter account, and even your event invitation. The event homepage will also automatically include your event info and a registration link.
  • Create a quick and easy registration form: You’ve gotten their attention. They’ve clicked the link and are ready to register. Don’t turn them off with a long registration form! Registration forms are a great place to collect more information about your customers, but make sure to only collect information you need to know for the event.
    At the very least, make less important questions optional to answer. A great way to imply worth is to charge for your event. The number one reason people do not attend events is because of date and time, not price. Don’t be afraid to charge! Plus, if they are paying in advance they are a lot more likely to attend.

These best practices work together to drive registrations for your event. Make sure to incorporate these tips into your upcoming event promotion plan.

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