We’re happy to announce a new product integration with Avery that helps customers print name badges (and more) for events.

The overview

If you’re using Constant Contact for event promotion and registration you can add a “Badge Info” section to your registration form to collect things like name, company, and job title that easily turn into name badges using Avery’s free online tool.

Users can then print out badges using Avery’s stock paper.

Here’s how it works:

1. Event organizers add “badge information” questions to their registration form.

2. Registrants sign up for the event and fill in the badge-related questions.

3. The event organizer clicks “Print Name Badge” from the event dashboard and is brought to Avery’s design center.

4. The event organizer then picks a product (name badge, table card, etc.) and a layout.

5. All of the information is collected on the registration form in the badge section, which can be added to the badge.

6. Users can edit all badges at once or make design changes to a single badge.

7. Users can then print the badges on coordinating Avery stock paper.

Events and name badges go hand in hand, but don’t forget you can use Avery to print many different things like table tent cards, shipping labels, cards, t-shirts, etc.

Have questions about the new feature? Post them in the comments below.