How One Event Planner Saved Hundreds of Hours on Registration

We’ve all been there!

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, conference, seminar, wine tasting, open house, or any type of event that requires attendance, there’s one common denominator—who’s going to show up?

Event planners, big and small, realize getting an accurate headcount is critical for planning and executing a successful event so the registration process needs to be smooth and simple.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a real nightmare.

Jan Merkley, founder of JEM Events, knows this all too well. So in the summer of 2010, she decided to use EventSpot to simplify the registration process for both her and her clients.

The result…

“It turned out to be a major time saver. It’s literally saved me hundreds of hours on registration. Now there are very few people who don’t register online,” she says.

Check out the video on how Jan runs her events with EventSpot:

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