One of the biggest challenges an event organizer faces is accepting, managing, and tracking payments.

Today, EventSpot offers both online and offline payment options (PayPal, Google Checkout, check, and at the door), and we’re excited to announce a new event payment option—payment with credit cards!

You will now have the option to accept online credit card payments seamlessly on your event registration page! Your registrants will be able to simply take out their credit cards and pay without being pushed over to another website to complete the payment.

Choose from two credit card processing companies

To process the credit card transactions safely, quickly, and securely, EventSpot is now fully integrated with ProPay and to handle your online credit card payments!

If your business already uses (a leading online payment processor), you can simply enter your account information and go!

If you are new to the whole online credit card scene, or don’t use, we have partnered with ProPay to get you a fantastic all-in-one online credit card processing option.

ProPay is built for small businesses and lets you collect credit cards online, via email invoices, and in person with your smartphone or tablet.

To sweeten the deal, Constant Contact customers will receive a discount when they sign up for ProPay, so be sure to sign up right from EventSpot!

Accepting online credit card payments improves event registration experience

You spoke, we listened! We recognized the event payment process wasn’t as smooth as it could be. By adding this new functionality, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  1. Seamless credit card payment experience = less abandons/drop-offs = more successful event.
  2. No more forcing registrants to go to another site to pay for your event. By keeping them on your registration page, you’ll be able to boost your brand and appear more professional.
  3. You’ll get additional payment options for your business beyond your events. ProPay offers email invoicing, mobile payments, online credit card terminals, and many other features you can use outside of your events. You aren’t just getting event payment capabilities when you use ProPay.
  4. More online payments mean better cash flow. You get paid faster and can pay off your event expenses sooner.
  5. ProPay offers an excellent user experience. Just answer a few questions and go.

We know it can be tricky collecting payments online, but this really is as simple as it gets.

Ready to get started? Just log in or sign up for EventSpot by Constant Contact, create an event, choose “credit card” as your payment option, and watch your event registrations start rolling in!