EventSpot’s New Ticketing Features — QR Codes, Mobile Check-ins … Oh My!

EventSpot has radically enhanced our ticket functionality, adding new features and information to make your event check-in process less hectic and more informative for event organizers.

Tickets now include:

  • QR Code for mobile check-ins
  • Unique event ticket numbers
  • Visual design improvements
  • Critical registrant information such as: registrant/guest name, payment status, payment method, registration fee type, items purchased.

You already use EventSpot for online promotion, registration and payments, so we hope you will also bring your event check-in online as well.

Our new tickets use QR codes for check-ins, so you can leave your clipboard and highlighter at home. All you need is your smartphone with a QR code reader like QR Droid for Android or Red Laser for iPhone.

Just use your EventSpot login information and you can quickly check registrants in to your event. If your registrants don’t bring a ticket, we have a manual check-in app that works with Android or iPhone you can use to check people in by name or within the EventSpot product.

The goal is to give event organizers easy mobile check-in and online attendance tracking tools, so your event information stays in one convenient place.

EventSpot tickets take care of the details so you can focus on the event

If you haven’t used tickets for past events, here are six reasons why you should start now. The tickets allow you to:

  • Track attendance
  • Send targeted follow ups & surveys to attendees and no-shows (“Glad you made it,” vs. “Sorry you missed the event, but here’s the presentation!”)
  • Quickly figure out if an attendee has paid in advance, owes you a check, or decided to pay at the door.
  • Prepare any merchandise, meals, or special items bought by the registrant
  • Cut down time spent checking guests in
  • Keep your event information all in one place, online, in your EventSpot account

Tickets please

We hope that these new ticket enhancements give our small business and nonprofit event organizers powerful mobile tools to save time, stay organized, and look super professional. Good luck!

Excited about all of these new features? Want to see more? Let us know what features you’d like to see in the future in the comments. 

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