Facebook Timeline exampleAny reputable business will have a website, and over the past 20 years, the design of business websites has evolved.

As consumers, we have learned what pages we can expect to find on a website; home, about us, contact us, news, recommendations – and depending on the industry – events, calendar, members, products and services.

However, driven by the need to make a unique statement, the location of these links can be found virtually anywhere on the website, and we have to look for them.

Good news!

Now there is no longer a need to hunt for the information you want about a business. The Facebook Timeline for Pages has become the “business template for the Internet.”

Although each Timeline will have a unique look and feel, they all have the exact same layout.

From the location of the logo, to the exact spot of the “About” link, to the special deals and extra apps the business has included, each element has a specific location, the same location, on every Facebook Timeline for Pages.

Besides the ease of navigation, the timeline/template has given the consumer power to ask for more – and before long, even demand it. Similar to the days of the “I want my MTV” ads, where consumers (and celebrities) demanded the cable channel be added to basic cable service, they are empowered to demand more from Facebook Pages before they “Like” them..

If you want someone to “Like” your Page, it’s time to give them a good reason. Look at your business’ Facebook Timeline. What elements do you offer?

Great imagery? Engaging information about your business? Engaging apps that offer something in exchange for a “Like?” These are the elements that differentiate your business Page from the others, and your Facebook Timeline from your website.

And what is a “Like?”

It is more than a customer just saying they like your business. It is an invitation into their personal newsfeed. It is permission for your business to communicate to them directly. It is also a recommendation as they are willing to publically “Like” your business.

“Likes” have tremendous value, make sure you give something of value in exchange.

So make a statement by taking advantage of the functionality of Facebook’s Timeline for Pages, and treat the people who “Like” you well!