Facebook Dating Advice, a Google+ Birthday Party, and Other Hot Topics

No more blind dates. No more online dating services. No more broken hearts.

According to a new study, all you need to consider when looking for a date is whether or not you have mutual friends on Facebook.

And just in case you were looking for something to celebrate this weekend, Google+ has officially survived its first year, hooray!

Read about these stories and more in this week’s news roundup.

1. You’re 37% More Likely To Date Someone If You’ve Got Facebook Friends In Common

You’ve heard of love at first site, but have you heard of love at first “Like”? A new study from online dating startup Coffee Meets Bagel, has found that two people are 37% more likely to want to date if they have at least one mutual friend on Facebook. The study has also found the magic number, four mutual friends raises the likelihood two people will make a connection to 90.1%.

Bottom Line: People are not only falling in love with friends on Facebook, they are falling in love with brands as well. In fact, 56% of people are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after liking them on Facebook.  (Or, if you’re just interested in dating advice, you can get more insight from the study.)

2. Happy 1st Birthday Google+

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Google+.

The company celebrated the milestone by announcing some exciting user stats at the company’s annual developer conference, Google I/O. According to Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Social Business for Google, the social network has 150 million monthly users, 50% of which sign in every day. These active users spend over 60 minutes a day across Google products, and 12 minutes each day on Google+.

Bottom Line: It’s hard to narrow in on exactly how much activity is actually taking place on Google+ (their method for measuring activity differs from other networks) but these statistics are a good sign for the young social network. They still have a lot to prove when it comes to showing the marketing value they offer small businesses, but at least we now know that there are some people using the site.

3. 5 New Twitter Features You Need To Know About

Social Media Examiner has broken down 5 of the newest features to roll out on Twitter over the last couple of months. These updates include a new email digest that can be sent right to your email inbox and new “tailored trends” that let you filter the type of trending topics you see on Twitter.

Bottom Line: While Facebook continues to make weekly headlines with their newest updates, Twitter has snuck under the radar and made some additions to make the site more user-friendly. Most of these updates are designed to bring more simplicity to what can sometimes be a hectic environment of information on Twitter.

4. Facebook makes it easy for Page administrators to switch between real name and brand name

If you’re a Facebook Page administrator, a new update now makes it easier to switch between posting as yourself or your brand. Page administrators should notice a new “voice” tab next to their name (at the top of the page) which will let them see what name they are using when they are positing, commenting, or liking on a Page. (This update is not currently available to all users but will be rolling out in the coming weeks.)

Bottom Line: As a small business, you’re most likely going to be posting, commenting, or liking under your brand name. But if you own a business where your personal name is synonymous with your brand, posting as yourself can add a more personal touch.

5. Business is good for LinkedIn … and LinkedIn is good for your business

According to a new story from Forbes, LinkedIn is on track to gross $895 million and net $70 million in 2012. These numbers are up 71% and 100% respectively, from 2011. Much of LinkedIn’s success can be attributed to their decision to focus their efforts on becoming a leading recruiting service for corporations.

Bottom Line: LinkedIn isn’t just helping some of the biggest companies in the world search for talent, they are also helping some of the smallest as well. Today, small businesses have access to many of the same services that corporations have on LinkedIn, which is helping business owners find their next great employee.

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