Facebook recently announced that the number of users accessing the site on a mobile device jumped around 20 percent in both the United States and Britain during the month of June. This recent spike in Facebook mobile activity is likely connected to the number of people traveling and on vacation during the summer months.

Summer is usually thought of as the time when online engagement drops off for many businesses. Today, smartphones and mobile technology have disrupted this pattern. Businesses are now able to reach their customers regardless of their varying schedules and locations, enabling them to stay top-of-mind all year round.

Even though your customers may be spending the summer soaking up the sun, it doesn’t have to fry your marketing efforts.

Modify your marketing during the summer to stay in touch with customers

For many people, a vacation means one thing: time off. Despite taking time off from their day-to-day routine, 74 percent of vacationers still use social media. This creates a great opportunity to reach your customers and stay top-of-mind between their vacation check-ins and photo uploads. By increasing the frequency of posts on your business’s Facebook Page, you can reach your customers on their mobile devices when they’re on-the-go. Just don’t forget to keep mobile-friendly best practices in mind.

Best practices for mobile-friendly Facebook posts

•    Write short posts — about 100 characters or less
•    Use colorful images that stand out in the news feed
•    Simplify posts so that they are easy to engage with
•    Include clear call-to-actions (links) that lead to mobile-friendly websites
•    Create urgency, just not all the time

Increasing your frequency of posts doesn’t mean you should bombard your fans with marketing messages. Stick to the 80/20 rule. Post 80 percent entertaining/helpful/inspiring content related to your industry and 20 percent promotional content. For your promotional messages, make your content short and sweet, but make each word count. Grabbing and keeping the attention of your fans in the news feed (or in the inbox) is even more challenging when your fans are sitting in a beach chair.

Have some fun…

Use the summer months to be creative and have fun with social media. Incorporate summer themes into your posts, cover photo and images. When you can, frame your content to pertain specifically to the season. Hot weather tips, a summer reading list, refreshing recipes/menu items, or advice for planning a vacation are all content ideas your fans will love.

In case your customers are refraining from social media (or email) during the summertime, you can use the summer as an excuse to ask fans or subscribers about their seasonal preferences for marketing communications. Take a survey on Facebook or through email, to determine how your customer’s behavior changes from season to season and tailor your marketing schedule to fit their needs.

No matter what season it is, it’s always important to plan ahead. Learn more about how you can start planning for tomorrow’s success today.