Facebook announced new updates to its News Feed algorithm this week, designed to make the content users see in their feed more timely than ever before.

One of the updates will make it easier for Facebook users to stay on top of trending topics.

Facebook explains:

One way we show timely content higher-up in News Feed is to show people stories about things that are trending as soon as they occur, so you can immediately know what your friends or favorite Pages are saying about the stories of the day. 

This means that when a friend or Page you follow post something about a hot topic — like a current event or popular news story — that post is more likely to show up toward the top of your feed.

The other update being introduced this week is related to when people like, comment, a share a post.

Facebook explains:

Currently one of the signals we look at is the total number of likes that a post has received when determining how high up to to show it in News Feed. With this update, we are going to begin looking at when people are choosing to like, comment and share.

With this change, Facebook will determine the position of a post in the news feed, based on when the post is being engaged with. If a post receives a lot of comments, likes, and shares immediately after being posted, it will be given more visibility in the news feed, allowing more people to see and hopefully engage with the post.

Bottom Line: Sharing content that is informative, relevant, and timely for your audience has always been a best practice for building an engaged fan base on Facebook.

Remember that people are on Facebook to connect with others and to see content and information that’s relevant to them. If you want to get their attention you need to make sure you’re offering an experience that fits their needs and interests. This will differ based on the type of business you have and the audience you serve.

Here are a few tips to consider:

Be human

Constant Contact social media community manager, Danielle Cormier, points out, “Facebook was built to serve the needs of real people and will continue to make changes to benefit the user, and punish those who try to beat the system.”

While it’s important to be aware of changes being introduced by Facebook, what’s most important is that you’re offering an experience that your audience will care about. Stick to that and you’ll be in the best possible position to drive results on Facebook.

Comment on relevant trending topics

Just because Facebook is giving priority to trending topics, doesn’t mean you should post about every news item or trend. In fact, many of these topics won’t be relevant to your business or audience.

Instead, look for topics that relate to your industry or the products or services you provide. You can offer your take and even look for opportunities to spark a discussion with your current fans.

Pay attention to what’s working

Keep an eye on which posts are generating the most engagement from your fans. Are there particular types of posts that are generating more likes, comments, and shares? Look for opportunities to create and share similar content in the future to see if you can improve your results.

Think about timing

With its latest update, Facebook will be giving priority to posts at the time that they are generating the most engagement. You can take advantage of this update by keeping an eye on which time of day your posts are getting the most likes, comments, and shares.

Test different times throughout the day and track your results. There are simple steps you can take to find the best time to post.

Stick to a schedule

As Facebook continues to take steps to improve its value as a go-to place for timely information; businesses have a real opportunity to make sure they are consistently showing up. This means sticking to a schedule and making a real commitment to posting on a regular basis. If you haven’t already, make sure to set up a social media posting schedule.

What do you think of Facebook’s latest change? Are there steps you’re taking to show up in the News Feed. Share your comments on the post below!