It’s a question almost as old as Facebook itself:

Once people have “Liked” your Page, how do you keep them engaged?

One way is by using the right kind of content — the kind that will elicit a response or get your fans to take action.

Ready to engage some more on Facebook? Here are five easy ways:

1. Use photos. According to a recent report from digital marketing agency Web Liquid, Facebook posts with photos are the most likely to engage users. These posts showed a .37% engagement rate, compared to a .27% rate for text-only posts and a .15% rate for just links. If you think about it, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Photos, obviously, grab attention visually and people must click them to get a closer look. So use an intriguing photo to get people’s attention. Be sure to say something about the photo too. We’ve seen people using this space to write more without having to link off Facebook.

2. Use video. Video is engaging because you can see and hear the speaker. Like photos, people must click on something to get a closer look at a video. They also take up more real estate in a newsfeed, making them easier to notice. Perhaps that’s why, in the Web Liquid study, video posts had the second-highest engagement rate (.31%).

3. Ask questions to increase comments. When you ask questions you’re giving people permission to engage with you. They know you want their opinions. Not everyone will comment, but you’ll encourage those who are already predisposed to do so. Just be sure to ask your fans explicitly for a comment. See next tip.

4. Use clear calls to action. Would you like someone to comment, share, or “Like” your update? All you have to do is ask. Another recent report, this time from Momentus Media, showed that posts asking users to “like” them had an engagement rate of .38%, compared to an .11% rate for posts without that call to action. Remember: People move fast online and there’s a difference between saying, “Here’s my new Page” and “’Like’ my new Page.” Your engagement rate will go up when you use a clear call to action.

5. Write longer updates. You may think short and sweet is the way to go but you shouldn’t be afraid to share longer stories with your fans. Longer Facebook status updates show higher interaction than shorter ones. So elaborate when you need to. This may give readers a better chance to connect with your update.

So there you have five ways to get more engagement on Facebook. Are you putting them into practice?

What content on your Facebook Page engages your fans the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.