It’s time to rethink the way you’re delivering content to your fans on Facebook.

Facebook has revamped its Post Targeting tool for Pages and soon you’ll be able to customize the type of content that shows up in your fan’s newsfeed based on age, gender, relationship status, and more…

Also, we’re going to watch 1 billion more hours of video on YouTube this month than we did in the month of May. (Hey, I could go for 1 billion more hours of this.)

Read about these stories, find out how one entrepreneur made $8,000 in less than 24 hours with Facebook Ads, and learn about another (yes, another) new feature from your friends at Facebook in this week’s news roundup.

1. Facebook now lets Pages target posts by age, gender, Likes, and more…

Facebook’s Page Post Targeting feature got a major upgrade this week, expanding the criteria Page administrators can use to target posts beyond location or language. According to TechCrunch, the enhanced targeting tool will let administrators direct posts to different audiences based on: age, gender, interest, relationship status, education, workplace … plus the older options of language and location. (NOTE: Like with a lot of its updates, Facebook is rolling out the enhanced Post Targeting and it is not currently available for all Facebook users. It is expected to be available to all users in the coming weeks.)

Bottom Line: Targeting posts could have major implications on the way businesses share content with their fans, especially if you have a diverse customer base. Your customers are all unique—they have different interests, different experiences, and different values. While you may not be able to target each of them individually, you can use tools like Page Post Targeting to improve the likelihood that the content you’re sharing is relevant to them, which will drive more engagement for your business.

2. We Now Watch 4 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos Per Month

This week, YouTube gave us all an indication of just how much online video people are watching these days reporting that users are watching more than 4 billion hours each month. This comes less than three months after the popular (very popular, apparently) video sharing site announced users were watching 3 billion hours of video each month.

Bottom Line: Either YouTube’s stat people made a mistake sometime between now and May, or people are watching a heck of a lot more videos. I’m going to go with the latter.

With new editing tools and enhancement features being rolled out, what seems like every month, YouTube isn’t just streaming more videos, they’re streaming better videos and are giving businesses like yours the opportunity to create Hollywood productions without a Hollywood budget.

3. Entrepreneur claims he made $8,000 in a single day from Facebook Ads

From a post on his personal blog, entrepreneur Brendan Irvine-Broque of PageLever, said using Facebook Ads generated $8,000 in revenue from a single-day event for his vintage vinyl record business. Irvine-Broque said he sold 6,000 vinyl records (which cost him $2,000) for $3 each in a single afternoon after creating a Facebook Event and buying $150 worth of Facebook Ads.

His ROI from using Facebook Ads was roughly 3,000%.

“As far as I’m concerned, clicks coming from Facebook are the realest click in the game right now,” Irvine-Broque commented.

Bottom Line: Real life examples like this portray a message that Facebook has had some difficulty delivering to small businesses: that Facebook Ads can and should be used to generate real business results from your social media marketing.

Whether you’re promoting an event, running a social campaign, or just trying to get more exposure for your Facebook Page—Facebook Ads can help your business reach your target audience and generate the results you’re looking for.

Find out why your business should be advertising on Facebook.

4. Facebook begins rolling out new feature to let users save posts to read later

Add “Save for Later” to the list of cool features to help users stay organized on Facebook. The new “Save for Later” feature, which started rolling out this week, will add an option for users to bookmark posts from their friends and then read them later.

Users will soon see a “Save” option next to “Like”, “Comment”, or “Share” on each post and will be able to find saved posts under a new page on the left-hand menu bar.

Bottom Line: Any feature that lets users stay better organized and keep track of insightful and engaging content, is a good feature for small businesses. What’s even better is that while you’re saving posts and articles you love and will hopefully share later, your fans will be doing the same—hopefully with your content.

5. New study says email marketing is driving higher add-to-cart and conversion rates than search and social

According to a new study from Monetate, email marketing is outperforming both search and social media when it comes to driving online sales and converting prospects to customers.

The study also gave some revealing details about the current state of email marketing, projecting that spending on email marketing will exceed $2.5 billion by 2016 and that retail email volume was up 18% in the first five months of 2012 (compared to the first five months of 2011).

Bottom Line: While email marketing may outperform search and social media in some key metrics, all three are important parts of an effective marketing strategy.

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