I know, I know. You just don’t have enough time to dedicate to marketing on Facebook.

But what if I told you, you could be successful in as little as 15 minutes a day?

Crazy? Not at all.

Allow me to show you how to stay focused and turn your Facebook marketing into part of your daily routine with a minimal amount of time.

Why Facebook seems like a time suck

Marketing with Facebook seems like and becomes a time suck when it’s not being done with a clear goal in mind. When you’re just poking around doing a whole lot of nothing, it’s easy to get sucked into an unproductive rabbit hole.

Climb out of the rabbit hole by choosing a goal

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get the word out about an event? Are you trying to get more people into your store? Maybe you’re looking to bring in new volunteers?

Once you make a choice, it becomes much simpler to build a plan around what you should be doing on your Facebook Page.

Stay focused

Like many of us here at Constant Contact, I spend my “free” time working with a nonprofit I’m passionate about. For me, it’s the Astoria Performing Arts Center. This theater is about to celebrate the accomplishments of a local honoree with its 2012 Gala coming up in March.

Our goal at the APAC is to use Facebook to get the word out about the Gala and keep it top of mind with our fans. If you were us, your use of Facebook could look something like the following.

The 15 minutes per day Facebook plan

  • Update the Page status. Post something relevant about the event your fans would find interesting or fun. For example, trivia about the honoree or location, new additions to raffle prizes, or what’s on the drink and dinner menu. (1 minute)
  • Add new emails, blog posts, videos, photos, etc. to the wall. This could be stuff you create or things you curate from other sources. For example, interviews with the staff, photos of the venue, new or existing video clips of the honoree, etc. (4 minutes)
  • Review and respond to comments as necessary. Not every comment requires a response, but if someone asks a question it’s a good idea to answer it. (4 minutes)
  • Review your Page’s news feed and spend a few minutes sharing relevant posts and commenting on posts and updates from the Pages you follow. (4 minutes)
  • Share link to a Facebook exclusive to reward current fans and acquire new fans. Run a sweepstakes on your Page’s welcome tab where fans can enter to win two tickets to the event. (2 minutes)

Here’s what you can do now

Spend 15 minutes coming up with a goal for your Facebook marketing, then create a list of things you can share on Facebook to support that goal.

Once you have that in place you’ll find it easier to get in and out of Facebook in a clear and focused manner that helps you start to see real results.

No more rabbit holes for you.

Do you have any tips for saving time on Facebook? Share them in the comments below.