At the end of the year, it’s natural to want to look back and take stock. We here at Constant Commentary decided to do just that, and to put an extra spotlight on some of your favorite and our favorite blog posts from 2011.

The posts listed here (in no particular order) were either the most read or most commented on, or just a personal favorite of the team’s. Either way, if you missed any of these (or want to refresh your memory), then there’s no time like the present to catch up.

As we close the books on 2011 and move on to bigger and better things in 2012, let me end this year by saying thanks for reading and engaging with us here, on our Facebook Page, and on Twitter. We’ll see you next year!

1. 7 Ways Dunder Mifflin Could Use Facebook to Win More Business

In this post, we gave some suggestions to the fictional team from the TV show The Office.

2. What Happens After Someone “Likes” Your Facebook Page?

Getting people to “Like” your Facebook Page is just the first step. What happens next is more important.

3. In a Pickle Makes Raising Awareness Social

We’re big fans of businesses that humanize their brand by promoting more than their products and services. Here’s one example of that.

4. Quantity vs Quality: How Many Twitter Followers Do You Really Need?

Dave Charest, our senior content developer, and I discussed one of the biggest questions in social media.

5. 7 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List on Social Media

Using social media to increase the size of your mailing list was one of the more popular topics this year.

6. Google+ for Small Businesses: Our Quick Take

This new social network raised a lot of questions when it launched this summer. Here was our perspective.

7. Does Klout Score Really Matter?

The debate goes on about the merits of social influence and how much a Klout score is worth.

8. 4 Tips to Increase the Open Rate of Your Nonprofit’s Email Newsletter

Just because you’re not selling a product or service, that doesn’t mean you can’t send compelling email messages.

9. Use Social Media to Show Who You Are, Not Say What You Do

In this post, we shared three tips to help businesses and organizations create a more personal and engaging social presence.

10. Power up Your Emails by Adding Multimedia the Right Way

Using photos, videos, and blog posts in your emails is not enough. You need to do it the right way to make your efforts worthwhile.

Do you have any favorite posts from the past year? Please let us know here, or you can share your thoughts in the comments below.