Nowadays, many small businesses and organizations are depending on both email marketing and social media to reach out to and build relationships with customers, clients, and supporters.

That said, those two channels are still kept separate all too often. That can make for extra marketing work and a lack of exposure for those carefully-designed emails.

BMT Promotions and Talent, a staffing agency that specializes in finding staff members for conventions, conferences, and experiential marketing events across the country, found a solution that led to some of their emails being read by 100 or more viewers from social media channels.

And that’s why the agency was recognized as a 2011 Constant Contact All Star for growing their reach the most via social media.

The question is, how did they do it?

Reaching contacts by social and email

With almost 8,000 contacts, BMT relies on Constant Contact Email Marketing to reach out to prospective staff members with job openings on a client’s behalf. To make sure that these emails reach the right people, Matt B. Davis, (BMT’s owner) and his staffing department, divide the contact lists geographically.

After all, an email about a job in Los Angeles that gets sent to prospects in New York won’t help anyone.

“We needed email marketing for database management,” Matt explains. “We were going to pay to have  software built that it would have been time consuming and expensive, but Constant Contact has proven to be an inexpensive and effective way to serve the needs of our company”

To really capitalize on the potential reach of each email, BMT also shares them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. This creates another hub for people to go when they’re looking for updates on job openings. More importantly, it also gets the word out to hundreds of people not yet on the email list. This in turn grows the email list even more.

Integral integration

The BMT staffing team focused on making their emails a one-stop solution for BMT’s outreach.

“With the latest platform upgrades on Constant Contact, we can create and edit everything on one page in a few easy steps. This means we can create a job listing email in less than 5 minutes and send it out to thousands. Matt says. “And the more we grow our list of contacts, the more we can directly reach out to pre-screened staff members, instead of relying on job boards.”

Lately, social media has been an important tool in attracting new promoters, because those interested can sign up to receive emails about upcoming opportunities — and get a preview of those emails on the BMT Facebook Page.

“Since we started using Constant Contact, our list grew from 200 people in 2006 to nearly 8,000 today, (and growing)” Matt says. He adds that, lately, the “Join My Mailing List” (JMML) block on the BMT Facebook Page has significantly helped list growth.

That kind of growth is in part why BMT was recognized with the All Star Award. Thanks to the smart use of social media, BMT’s emails can get up to 100 extra views from being shared across multiple channels.

This isn’t the only sign of success. Matt says that within a few minutes of sending an email, BMT gets several responses about the open positions: “We can sometimes get about hundreds of responses altogether, when we only need to staff a few people. This is what we call a quality problem.”

While the demand can be overwhelming, that kind of response rate is solid proof that BMT Promotions and Talent has a bright future ahead, both online and off.

How do you combine social media and email? Share your strategies in the comments section below!