Sometimes, to make a big difference for others, you have to start by making a big change for yourself.

That’s exactly what Maureen Dudley and Celia Nunez did in 2009 when they founded Dudley & Nunez Communications.

After years of working for others, they became their own bosses – fueled by their desire to interact with other creative, resourceful, and passionate nonprofits and small businesses.

The duo has found success by practicing the same ideals they teach their clients every day: developing and nurturing powerful relationships.

Named Constant Contact’s Solution Provider of the Year in 2013, Maureen and Celia recently launched a new project to help nonprofits thrive by creating the “Giving Back Program.”

Maureen agreed to a Q&A to tell us more about the program and how nonprofits can get involved:

Could you tell me a little about your company?

Dudley & Nunez Communications helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations save time, money, and hassle with their marketing. Constant Contact is our specialty.

How did you come up with the idea for the Giving Back Program?

Celia and I have a soft spot for nonprofits and a long history of donating time and talent to worthwhile causes. We recently were chosen from more than 8,000 expert marketing partners as Constant Contact’s Solution Provider of the Year.  This award was a significant milestone for our five-year-old business and made us realize that we were now established enough to launch a formal giving back program.

What is the goal with this program?

We’ve seen how Constant Contact has helped hundreds of thousands of nonprofits worldwide, and we want to see it help even more good causes. The Dudley & Nunez Giving Back Program is designed to help nonprofits get started quickly and easily (and at no cost!) with Constant Contact, so these nonprofits can help even more people.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States is eligible to apply through our website.

How is your program helping nonprofits succeed? 

Getting started with email marketing is a big hurdle for many nonprofits due to limited money, time, and resources. Our Giving Back Program addresses that challenge through free accounts, free training, and free resources.

What can a nonprofit participating in the program expect to get out of it?

Program recipients receive at no charge:

  • Up to six months of Constant Contact email marketing
  • One customized email template incorporating elements of the nonprofit’s website such as logo, colors, and links to key web and social media pages
  • Up to two hours of one-on-one training by phone

The total value of the help provided by our Giving Back Program is over $400 per nonprofit.

Lastly, for nonprofits that may just be getting started with email marketing, what’s the best piece of advice you can offer?

Take advantage of Constant Contact’s free local seminars, online learning, and customer support. We’ve found the U.S.-based customer support to be especially helpful to those just starting out.

Want more information about the Giving Back Program?

Nonprofits can read the program’s FAQs and apply online.  You can also email Maureen at or join the social conversation with the hashtag #GivingBackProgram.