Gmail recently unveiled changes to the unsubscribe option functionality.

While Gmail has had this option for a while, it was buried layers deep in the “report spam” function. Now when a Gmail user opens a promotional email, an unsubscribe link is displayed at the top of the message in the header field. (See image above.)

What does this mean for email sent through Constant Contact?

This unsubscribe link only appears if the email sender has a good reputation with Google and publishes a list-unsubscribe header. Constant Contact emails meet these criteria and therefore Gmail will show the unsubscribe option.

Why we think this is a good thing for our customers.

Now that the unsubscribe link is an equal option to the “report spam” button it makes it easier for the subscriber to take the appropriate action.

If someone legitimately signed up for your email list and truly doesn’t want to receive your emails anymore, it is better to have them unsubscribe than mark your emails as spam. Marking your emails as spam could cause delivery problems for all of your business’s emails.

Additionally, removing disinterested people from your email list is beneficial to building a quality list and will help improve key metrics like open and click rates.

Gmail is making it easier for its users to control what they receive and after all, keeping the recipient happy should be everyone’s goal!

Remember, the best way to prevent unsubscribes is to provide your audience with relevant content they want to receive. Here are some additional posts to help you do just that: