Your smartphone already plays an important role in helping you run your business.

And whether you realize it or not — with 64 percent of US adults now walking around with a smartphone in their pocket — mobile also plays a critical role in how you stay connected with current and potential customers.

In the sixth video of our How to Grow Your Email List video series, we take a look at four simple mobile tactics you can use to build your email list.

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Today I’m going to share four ways you can grow your email list, right from your mobile device.

1. Collect new contacts from your phone

Use the Constant Contact mobile app to collect email addresses from your smartphone or tablet. Unlike a paper sign-up sheet, your new subscribers will be added to your mailing list right away.

2. Collect emails via text

Want to make it as easy as possible for new subscribers to sign up? Try a tool like Constant Contact’s Text-to-Join, which lets people subscribe by sending a quick text message.

3. Use a QR code

Add a QR code to your flyers, posters, or brochures to make it easy for people to scan-to-join your email list right from their mobile device.

4. Use a tablet

Set up a tablet in your store or at events to make it convenient for people to join your list with Constant Contact’s free ListBuilder app. This will also save you the headache of trying to read people’s handwriting.

Remember the best way to grow an engaged email audience is to always make sure you ask for permission before adding a new contact to your list. This will help you avoid any potential spam complaints and ensure you’re only communicating with people who are interested and excited to hear from you.

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