This is a guest blog post from Rishi Shah, CEO of Digioh – a Constant Contact add-on that allows you to easily build your list and send file attachments inside your newsletter.

Getting new leads and growing your email list is one of the most important aspects to any business.

Here’s why:

More leads = More Potential Clients = More Money

Have you ever wondered how the best companies build their list into the thousands so quickly?

What are they doing to make this happen?

I’m going to take you through the exact steps I’ve used to grow my own list and the lists of my clients.

Step 1: Lead generation: Give a gift in exchange for an email address

Offer your website visitors a gift, in the form of a free file download, in exchange for their name and email address so you can follow up with them and make the sale later—when they are ready to buy!

Here are two companies that are doing this very successfully:

Lonely Planet is the leader in selling Travel Guides. They are giving away a free PDF Guide to the London Olympics if you give them your name and email address. Lonely Planet now has the contact information of anyone interested in going to the Olympics or likes to travel. They can now send these contacts all sorts of eBook offers.

ZPryme sells marketing research services. They give away short targeted research reports to new visitors for their contact information. When a visitor clicks on the “Download” button they are asked to enter in their contact information to download their report.

Step 2: Figure out the right gift to give

The reason the free eBook giveaway works so well for Lonely Planet is because it is related to their business and something a new visitor wants. You need to brainstorm and get in the mind of your prospective customer to figure out what they would want.

Here are 3 types of gifts that work really well for collecting leads:

1. Checklist

This works great for service based businesses like carpet cleaners, roofing companies, landscapers, etc. For example, you can write a quick checklist on “Top 10 things you must know before selecting a carpet cleaner.”

 2. Downloadable coupon

This works great for restaurants or product store owners. “Free appetizer coupon” or “20% off anything in the store with this coupon.” This simple strategy has worked wonders for Bed Bath & Beyond.

3. Informational brochures and case studies

This works well for technical products, like devices or software. People want to learn more about your product. After a week you can follow up with the customer and ask, “I saw that you downloaded our case study, what did you think of it?”

Step 3: Create your gift: Free offering PDF

It may seem like creating a free PDF is hard to do, but it’s actually pretty easy with a handy trick I’ve picked up!

All you have to do is call and ask your favorite customers what they like about your product, why they bought it, and what they wish they knew before buying it. After your phone call, simply type up what you have discovered. This will help you create your checklist, brochure, or white paper.

Step 4: Host your file

Upload your file to a server and put it behind a web form. Set up rules in your web-form so that the customer receives your file after they enter in their contact details.

-Or, Use Digioh-

If you want an easier way to host your file, then check out Digioh – the easiest lead capture and file delivery tool. Simply create your account and upload your file to our website.

After you upload your file, you will get a link that you can paste anywhere: your website, blog, Facebook, etc. Anytime someone clicks on that link they’ll be prompted to enter in their name and email address. Digioh handles all the file delivery and will also send you an email when your file has been downloaded.

Step 5: Add your free offering to your website

The best place to add your web form or easy Digioh link is where you get the most amount of “Lookers.” In most cases this is your homepage. What works for me is putting this toward the top of my homepage with a catchy title, like “Want to learn more—click here to download your Free Guide.” Hyperlink “click here” with your Digioh link.

Step 6: Start collecting leads

As soon as someone downloads your file, make sure you save their contact information in your Constant Contact account. Digioh is integrated with Constant Contact, so as soon as a new lead enters in their information, they are automatically entered into your Constant Contact account.

Watch your list grow by following the 6 steps above. This plan has worked for me and my clients. Please let me know what you think of our plan in the comments below.

Rishi Shah, founder and CEO of Digioh. My team and I have worked directly with Constant Contact to bring you our easy to use technology. We always found ourselves building this tool for our clients and ourselves, which is why we finally started Digioh to streamline things. I really hope you like it and find it as useful as we do for growing an email list. 

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