It doesn’t take long to learn that I’m a list person.

To-do lists, grocery lists, wish lists, bucket lists—believe me, the list goes on. But when working with small businesses, there’s one list that always comes out on top: the contact list.

We’ve all heard that business is about who you know. It’s also about keeping who you know in the know. By building strong contact lists, you ensure that your updates are heard by the right people.

It sounds simple, but creating healthy and targeted email lists is no small accomplishment. To help you make your best list ever, here are our top resources:

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800 New Contacts with Sandwiches​, 10% Improved Sales with Ice Cream

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Sometimes building your contact list may feel like a never-ending struggle. But keep at it. It’ll be worth it. Keep our tips in mind as you work to make your improvements.

And don’t feel like you have to follow our recipe exactly. Contact lists come in many different flavors; you may be surprised how a little change will spice up your customers’ engagement!

What’s cooking for you? Let us know if you have any stories, secrets, or recipes of success you’d like to share on list building.