fundraisernonprofitemailIt’s not easy to spread the word about a nonprofit. Volunteers are usually already juggling a million things at once and even getting a group meeting together can prove to be a challenge.

A busy staff also means there isn’t a lot of time to consider new initiatives. That can make it harder still to take a break and look at what kinds of online marketing tools could be useful for your organization.

Online marketing is a new realm for nonprofits. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start and which tools will help get your mission across to potential supporters.

That’s why we created a guide specifically highlighting nonprofits using a number of online marketing tools: to help you judge which ones may be useful for your own organization.

The Formula for Success

In our free guide, “The Formula for Success,” you will read about:

  • How a New York City family organization raises $1,000 per email
  • How a Massachusetts-based animal rescue group raised $6,000 in 12 hours with email marketing
  • How the same animal rescue group boosted volunteer orientation attendance by 50%
  • How a private school gets 40-60 leads a month from email and creates events for students with online tools
  • How a nonprofit partnered with a business on Facebook to help raise over $11,000
  • How an organic foods festival used online event management tools to host a 3,000-person event with a staff of four

Hopefully, these real-life examples will help you decide which online marketing tools are right for your nonprofit so you can get started today!

Find your formula for success— Download the free guide today!