How to Make the Most of Halloween Spending

The holiday shopping season begins well before Black Friday. Don’t get spooked by the Christmas creep, which can scare small business owners into rushing to start their winter holiday marketing plan.

The ultimate nightmare before Christmas for retailers is missing out on Halloween spending!

Halloween purchases have been on the rise for years. In 2019, it’s estimated that Halloween spending will reach $9 Billion. That’s a scary good opportunity for small business owners, especially while the big guys are likely already showing commercials of snow-covered hills and melting snowmen.

If you’re still not convinced, scroll down to see the Halloween spending infographic, provided by Statista, to see how much spending is really going around.

Take advantage: plan a Halloween promotion

We’ve got your back when it comes to putting together a strong last-minute Halloween marketing strategy. Use our Halloween email templates to get the word out about your last-minute Halloween promotion.

Within minutes, you can create and send an email to scare your customers out of hiding and bring them into your store.

Halloween email templates

Halloween email template
This is one of my favorites of Constant Contact’s Halloween email templates. The built-in animated GIF is eyecatching and super festive.
Halloween Email Templates
Here’s another great Halloween Email Template, which can be fully customized to fit whatever promotion you have in mind.

Halloween Spending Infographic

Infographic provided by Statista.

Create your Halloween email today! Log in to get started.

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