Learning a new software tool and refining your marketing skills can be much easier if you have access to some Knowhow and personal coaching.

Whether you’re getting started or looking to amp up your marketing—if you’re the type of person who learns best in a classroom with an experienced instructor nearby, check out our hands–on workshops in your area.

Here’s what we’ll be teaching for the month of November:

Successful Email Marketing

We’ll show you how to create effective email marketing campaigns that get results, like higher clickthroughs to your website. You’ll walk away ready to create professional emails that incorporate proven social media marketing practices, promote your organization’s goals, and strengthen your customer relationships.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Strategize and set email marketing goals–then exceed them.
  • Grow your email lists, target your emails, and manage contacts with our easy tools and apps.
  • Design a professional–looking newsletter that showcases your business.
  • Create engaging newsletters with content that makes your business stand out
  • Expand your reach, promote your business and grow your contact list with our social sharing tools.
  • Track your results with our reports to pinpoint what’s working, so your next email can be even more effective.
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas with other small businesses, nonprofits, and associations.

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