“Who else is going to be there?”

It’s a question we’ve all asked before making a decision to go to an event, whether it’s a party, a networking event, a reunion, etc. It’s a form of “herd mentality,” and it’s a part of our human nature.

According to Wikipedia, herd mentality “describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items. Examples of the herd mentality include stock marketing trends, fashions in apparel, cars, taste in music, home décor, etc.”

People fear walking into a room (especially a social event) and not knowing anybody. This can absolutely affect their decision whether to attend or not.

In an effort to help maximize your attendance, we have created our “Who’s Coming?” feature, which we hope will help evoke that “herd mentality” emotion, and pack your next event!

“Who’s Coming?” can be turned on simply by checking off a box when you create your event. We’ll do the rest. When turned on, a list of registered event attendees names (and if desired, job titles, and company names) will show up alongside your registration form.

We recommend inviting a select group of people (your close friends, your most loyal clients, your biggest fans, etc.) to your event first. This is because they are more likely to attend regardless of who else is coming. Inviting these people first also gives them a feeling of entitlement and exclusivity. They have earned the right to be the first in line without the risk of the event being sold out.

By “pre-seeding” your event, it will look lively and successful by the time you message your general list of invitees or push your event out to the public via social media, the web, or your other marketing channels.

Thanks for reading my post! Now go turn on the “Who’s Coming?” feature, and see how many more members of “the herd” come to your next event.