3 Easy Ways to Annoy, Irritate, and Exasperate Your Mailing List This Season

We’re heading into the holiday season, and you may have plans to ramp up your email marketing.

That makes perfect sense!

After all, what’s better than an email for making offers and letting prospects know when there’s a big sale?

Except … almost all your competitors and colleagues have the same idea. So those prospects you’re trying to contact? They’re dealing with a lot of email.

Before you map out your holiday email barrage, let’s take a look at several ways you might get on your prospects’ nerves.

Because we’d all like to start 2013 with a healthy mailing list full of people who’d still like to hear from us, right?

1. Alienate them by sending untargeted promotions

Treating the people on your list as if they’re all one mass with the same interests is a very bad idea.

The people on your list have been drawn to your company for a wide variety of reasons. They may include:

  • Specific products you sell
  • Services you offer
  • Events you host
  • Your community involvement

When you know what has motivated them to join your mailing list, it’s easy to send them information they’ll be genuinely interested in.

Segmenting your list into groups will allow you to send targeted promotions they’ll want to know about.

For more on this, visit the Constant Contact Learning Center page on list segmentation.

2. Ruffle their feathers with relentless selling

For many religious traditions, this is a sacred time of year. Using the season to relentlessly promote products or services could turn your prospects off, and cause them to unsubscribe.

Instead, share tips and helpful information. Show them how to have a stress-free holiday season. Be the friendly voice that offers help.

Don’t be afraid to promote, but make sure your promotions are less prominent than your information.

The rule of thumb I like to use is 2/3 content to 1/3 promotion. Send information that’s useful, helpful and friendly, and add a promotion at the end.

3. Drive them bananas with the same message

I know sales happen this time of year. And there’s a cycle that must be respected: tell them about the sale; remind them about the sale; let them know when the sale is ending.

But really, do you think your prospects want to get the same email every day while your sale is happening?

Of course you have to remind them of your event. But add some original content to each reminder email.

Think of it as an opportunity to meet objections with a variety of arguments in favor of your product or services

Keep your list healthy through the holidays

Start the new year with a mailing list that’s not resentful, cranky, and sick to death of hearing from you.

Follow the tips here to maintain healthy ties to the people on your list so you can count on their attention in the coming year.

What tips do you have for holiday promotions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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