Every paramedic and firefighter needs a little bit of training before they respond to an emergency.

The trainings in the Oakland, Calif., area have been scheduled by the Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club for the past five years.

Two years ago, the club decided to use Constant Contact Email Marketing to help keep track of responses and reach out to members.

Last year, the BAPJC made efforts to become social, too, by sharing every email on Facebook. In fact, the group became so successful with that strategy that it was named one of Constant Contact’s 2011 All Stars, specifically because of that social media growth.

The extra exposure on Facebook has not only helped the organization, but also its sponsors.

A few years ago, BAPJC was hard-pressed to find supporters willing to donate to the cause — now, thanks to regular emails and a growing social media presence, things have changed for the better.

The sponsor dilemma

Zach Hilton, managing director, says that the BAPJC was always interested in having sponsors, but the interest wasn’t necessarily reciprocated.

“We wanted to have commercial sponsors for events, but we didn’t have much to sell them on, because we couldn’t feature them in the notices about our events,” he explains.

Email newsletters proved to be the perfect platform for supporter messaging. Not just through the emails themselves, but also on Facebook and Twitter.

One of BAPJC’s newsletters.

“We share all of our emails on Facebook and Twitter,” Zach says.

The effort has paid off. Many emails from the BAPJC are shared across social networks. That means that the group’s events (such as dinners and training sessions), and their sponsors, are getting more exposure than ever before.

In fact, Zach says that, for the first time ever, sponsors have been approaching the organization, instead of the other way around. Restaurants are offering to host events and two other businesses have offered regular sponsorship.

The event horizon

Most importantly, all of that additional publicity has helped bolster BAPJC’s objective: To give paramedics and firefighters the training they need, and let them know when it’s taking place.

Reminding subscribers about each new training session through email and social media has improved attendance. Zach says that average attendance has jumped from around 25 to 45 people, with some events reaching upwards of 55 guests.

It’s a win-win-win: The more attention the Bay Area Paramedic Club can garner, the more first responders will be trained for emergencies … and the more willing other businesses will be to offer their support.

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