Are you struggling to get more leads from your emails? Do you feel like you’re reaching the same audience and don’t know how to broaden your reach?

Well, you can change all of that through the art of giving away some … stuff.

It doesn’t’ have to be fancy stuff, either. Lead generation is most effective when you give prospects something valuable and informative, something like a free white paper, e-book, or PowerPoint presentation.

In fact, Constant Contact’s email marketing tool is integrated with Digioh, a free app that can help you offer all of that great stuff, track who downloads it, and add new emails to your list.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Register for Digioh

To register, just locate Digioh in the Constant Contact Marketplace and click “Get it now.” Enter your email address to create a new account.

2. Grant access to the app

Once registered, you’ll have to sync Digioh up to your Constant Contact account.

3. Upload your offer

After granting access to the app, you’ll be prompted to upload the file you want to offer email recipients.

4. Customize your download page

Since I’m using Digioh Lite, the free version, I can’t customize my download page. The default is a plain file icon with a Download button. Right now, that works for me!

5. Get the download link

After you finish creating the download page, you will be taken to the “Finish” screen. That gives you the link for your download, which you can then include in your email.

6. Think about your call to action

The most important part is making sure your download is visible. Depending on your audience and what the download is, you may want to send a separate email that focuses on the download. In other cases, a simple text link within an email newsletter can work.

In this instance, I made a cool button with our image editing software PicMonkey by grabbing a photograph that goes along with my clever marketing slogan and adding some text to it.

7. Check your email

How does it look? Is your download visible? If so, send away.

8. Watch the notifications pour in

Every time you get a new download, Digioh will let you know which email contact downloaded it.You’ll be able see details of who downloaded it, when, and how often.

Ok, but what do I do with this information?

Having a way to keep track of who downloaded what, when, and how many times, can show you which customers and prospects are most interested in the product or service featured in the download.

You can use that information to send a follow-up email, segment your list, or schedule an information call.

Digioh will also capture emails from anyone who clicks that download link and isn’t part of your list by asking any potential “downloaders” to join the list before getting the item. This is especially handy if a contact forwards the email, but it also means that I could take my fancy Download Now! button and put it on my blog, website, and Facebook Page to grow my list and capture new leads.

In effect, Digioh performs all of the tasks that involve the hard data and wiring. You just have to keep track of the numbers and, most importantly, create the valuable stuff people want to download and share with colleagues.

Interested in trying Digioh for the first time? Check it out in the Constant Contact Marketplace!