As a bookkeeper, you spend your days keeping the finances of businesses and organizations in order. However, you need clients to keep your business running, or else your own business will be in financial trouble. Wondering how to advertise your bookkeeping business? There are plenty of platforms you can use to get the word out.

This article explores some of the free and paid advertising avenues you can use for your business, including:

  • Google Ads
  • ‌Facebook and Instagram ads
  • ‌Yelp ads
  • ‌Email marketing
  • ‌Optimizing your website for SEO
  • ‌Improving your social media presence
  • ‌Optimizing your business listings on directories such as Google and Yelp

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Paid advertising options

Bookkeeping ads are a great resource to increase brand awareness and get instant traffic for your business with strong returns. You can display your ad on an advertising platform by either paying for every person that clicks your ad — also known as the pay-per-click model — or paying for a certain number of people to view your ad. Some of the paid advertising options are as follows.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms because of the large amount of traffic Google hosts every day. It is a pay-per-click option, which means that you only pay for running the ad whenever someone clicks on it. Google Ads users typically make $2 for every $1 spent advertising  — definitely a good return on your investment.

Google displays your ads in various places where people might look for bookkeepers. For example, if someone searches for “bookkeeper in NYC,” ads and pages with the keywords “bookkeeper” and “NYC” will feature in the top results.

Google search and Google Map results are the most favorable spots to display your ads  — they’re placed just above the organic search results. Organic search results are entries that a search engine will give you based on your search terms but are not influenced by paid advertising. Google Ads is an excellent way to get ahead of your competition and get more conversions without having to wait for your page to rank with an organic search. 

Ads can also appear on Google’s partner sites wherever they are relevant. Google partner sites are websites that have Google’s approval to display Google Ads on their pages. 

Google Ads can help your business stand out from the competition in a Google search

When creating a Google Ad, you’ll choose where you want your ad to be displayed  —  globally or locally. You’ll then be asked to set your budget. Google can recommend a budget based on what other bookkeepers are spending around you.

If you feel like you’re not sure how to create good Google Ads, Constant Content can help you. Our Google Ads feature simplifies the entire process while optimizing your ad for the best results. ‌‌

Facebook and Instagram ads

You don’t have to be a tech guru to know that social media is a very popular spot for consumers. With over 3.6 billion users worldwide, the time to build on your social media strategy is now more than ever. Most social media platforms now have advertising as part of their product. Facebook  — with about 2.85 billion active users every month — is an obvious choice for bookkeeping advertising. 

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can also seamlessly advertise your bookkeeping service on both these platforms. Just like Google Ads, they are also on a pay-per-click framework, where you pay for people who see and click your ad.

Unlike Google, though, Facebook ads target users based on their interests. This means that your ad is more likely to be seen by people who would need bookkeeping services. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, you can use Constant Content’s social media marketing tool and get optimal results.

Yelp Ads and ads on other directories

Ever searched for restaurant reviews on the internet? If you have, then you most likely will have visited Yelp. Many consumers use Yelp to find reviews about businesses, though that is just the part of the story.

Yelp is an excellent place for your business to feature online ads, and Yelp Ads will put you right in front of prospective customers. A study by Survey Monkey found that an overwhelming majority of Yelp users are ready to buy a service or a product. 51% of users make a purchase within a day of finding the business. 

Yelp Ads are also pay-per-click and are displayed exclusively on the platform’s desktop, mobile pages, and mobile applications. You can create a standard ad, which looks like your business listing, or a custom ad if you want more control. The keywords you choose, your location, and other factors affect the placement of your ad, just like that for Facebook ads and Google Ads. They appear on top of relevant searches or other related pages, including your competitors’ pages.

You can customize the text and images on your Yelp Ads to reach your audience better.

Free advertising options

Is paid advertising not a feasible option for you right now? No problem! There are many free or low-cost options to choose from and advertise your bookkeeping business.

Optimizing your website for bookkeeping SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a set of techniques used to improve a website’s ranking on search engine results. Here are a few things you can do to keep your bookkeeping business ranking high:

  • Optimize for the right keywords
  • Include internal links to other relevant posts you’ve published
  • ‌Optimize your headlines, meta tags, and alt tags for bookkeeping keywords

Improving your social media presence 

Aside from paid social media ads, free social media can also be a part of your advertising strategy. You can use various types of content through your business’s social media pages to advertise your bookkeeping brand. Video, images, and text are some of the forms of media you can use to raise brand awareness, interact with your audience, and generate leads along the way.

Optimizing your listing on popular sites like Google and Yelp

Google and Yelp have pages for businesses you can use: Google My Business and Yelp For Business, respectively. They can help your bookkeeping service gather and display reviews, interact with customers, and get new ones. Google My Business and Yelp for Business are both go-to sites for customers seeking local businesses. That is, if someone is looking for bookkeepers in your area, chances are you’ll be among the first businesses they see if you have a well-optimized listing.

Email marketing 

Did you know that email marketing has one of the highest return-on-investment of any marketing channel? Email is not just a means to interact with your clients — but it is also a powerful medium to market your bookkeeping business. Although email is not free, it is something you likely already use. Keep in touch with existing clients and use it as a way to gain new referrals. Communicate with potential clients one-on-one in a place where they are every day; their inbox.

Time to get started!

By now, you’ve got the idea of how to advertise your bookkeeping business to tell people about the great services you can offer them and generate leads. Here’s a quick recap of how to advertise your bookkeeping business:

  • Make use of paid advertising options like Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Yelp Ads‌
  • Have an active social media presence and optimize your website to get more organic leads
  • ‌Optimize your business listings on Google My Business, Yelp for Business, and other such directories
  • ‌Take advantage of email marketing to advertise your service

Get your bookkeeping advertising slogans ready, and try using any of these advertising methods for your business. For more help on how to market your business, you can check out Constant Content’s marketing guide, The Download.