Major brands on social media and influencers make social media marketing look easier than it is. 

What could be easier than creating a social media account, making a few posts, and exploding your brand overnight, right? 

But of course, it’s just not that simple or easy at all. With billions of users and a veritable ocean of content to compete with, businesses need to strengthen their social media presence to make any kind of impact. 

In this post, we’ll break down how you can create a solid presence on social media in 2021. 

As you build your profile and create content, you’ll see better engagement, more social media followers, and an overall boost in your brand image. Let’s dive in!

Be present on all the relevant platforms

Do you feel like you can’t catch up with the many different platforms available online? That’s understandable because not only are there global platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are also niche communities on Reddit, YouTube, Nextdoor and other networks. 

It is worthwhile to make the effort to identify and be active on as many relevant platforms as you can. You want to especially do your research on networks that are specific to your industry or audience. One major reason to do this is to have ownership of your brand’s narrative in as many places as possible. 

Being present on multiple platforms helps WPBeginner connect with people everywhere

The more profiles you have, the more difficult it will be to consistently create quality content for each platform. Even so, being present is important since you’ll have more control over your brand image and content that appears in relation to it. 

Complete your profile

A simple but impactful mistake that businesses can make is to not complete their social media profiles.

Very often, the ‘About’ section or the ‘Description’ area of a Facebook business page is given very little thought while the company focuses on content in its feed.

You need to maximize and optimize every area of your profile that you can. 

Remember to do the following:

  • Add pictures to your profile image and header. Use your logo, add text to your header image to provide information
  • Fill in your contact information completely
  • Add detailed information in the About or Description sections and use keywords that people may use to find your business
  • Provide details like working hours, services provided, and more
  • Connect your pages and groups with each other

The details you provide on social media impact your SEO performance. They also help social media algorithms to understand what your profile is about, and help people find your business and reinforce your brand image. 

Tweak your content for each platform

All social networks aim to engage people and foster communication. However, each one is different to the point where content that works on one platform will be invisible on another. 

Every social network uses algorithms to display content to people. While we won’t know exactly what works, there are brands and individuals who have figured out the best types of content that work on specific networks. 

You need to do some research on each platform and come up with the right type of content for each one.

For example, did you know that LinkedIn prioritizes text posts where the phrasing is short, emotional, and has a strong opening hook? There’s even a formula for LinkedIn posts that you can start using to see a boost in your post engagement. 

n example of a post made using a tried and true formula for engagement on LinkedIn. Image Source

Likewise, for Pinterest, you need to be extremely mindful of the images that you share. You need to create graphics and images in a vertical orientation since Pinterest content is usually consumed on mobile. 

And Pinterest’s AI also curates topics based on the objects recognized in images. Meaning you should avoid generic or stock images and use pictures that clearly relate to your post content. For example, if you’re an ecommerce business selling shoes, then your images should contain clear pictures of shoes. 

handmade bracelets. Focus on sharing the right object you want the algorithm to recognize. Image Source

In short, research the kind of content that’s relevant for each social network. Tweak your content so that even if you want to share the same content across, it’s personalized for every platform and for different audiences.

Focus on visual content

The key to social media is remembering that it is largely a visual-driven platform. People aren’t going to carefully read every post they come across. They quickly scroll through their feed until a post does a good job of catching their eye in the split-second’s attention they’re given. 

Stay on top of the visual aspect of your content by doing the following:

  • Create image-based posts regularly
  • Post video content by uploading video files to the platform itself. You can also share links from YouTube to other platforms
  • Make use of ‘Stories’, ‘Reels’ and similar short video formats on different social media platforms
  • Host live video sessions where you answer questions, stream an event, or otherwise engage with people

By studying your engagement stats and data, you’ll see that your visual content will create the most impact. And videos perform especially well.

Post. Every. Single. Day

For typical content marketing, posting something daily is unfeasible and even detrimental. Sending an email blast every day could lead to losing some of your subscribers. And you might also get penalized by email providers. Similarly, if you’re creating your own blog content, posting high-quality posts daily won’t be easy. 

But on social media, where attention spans are short and people expect fresh and new content, creating content virtually every day is critical to be relevant and get more eyeballs. 

This doesn’t mean that low-quality content is acceptable. 

What you need to do is create a content calendar for your social media posts. You also need a marketing calendar to make sure that you create special campaigns for different events like Black Friday, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays. 

Check out Constant Contact’s Marketing Calendar for 2021 to get ready for major events for the rest of the year. 

Use social media management tools

So far, I’ve suggested that you open accounts for your brand on as many social networks as possible, that you personalize your content for each platform and provide extensive information,  and that you post frequently — pretty much every day. 

Does that sound overwhelming to you? That’s okay — Because it is!

A critical tool that any business needs to amplify its social media presence is a social media management tool. 

Let’s take a look at Constant Contacts’s social marketing features to see just how they can help create and share content:

  • You can connect various social media accounts to a single platform
  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Get personalized insights to measure how well your posts and campaigns are doing
  • Reply to comments and posts on multiple social media platforms from a single place
Constant Contact’s Social Management Tool. Image Source

When you create a content calendar and use a good social media management tool, you’re on track to leverage social media well.

You’ll share posts to multiple networks easily, avoid missing comments or mentions from your audience, and you’ll track the results of your efforts from a single place. 

Build a brand aesthetic

It’s important to have a cohesive brand image across your social media profiles and content. You can do this by developing a brand palette –  one that matches your business and website colors. 

You need 3-5 colors that you use consistently across your content as filters, backgrounds, font colors, overlays, and everything else.

You also need to settle on a font combination that is widely used throughout your social media.

The simple act of creating a brand kit and then applying colors and fonts in a consistent way makes a dramatic difference in how your brand appears to people.

You also want to establish an aesthetic for your social media posts. This is especially important for places like Pinterest and Instagram where the main content is pictures and videos. 

Look for inspiration from influencers and other brands online. Here’s an example from Etsy India. The consistent use of specific colors and adding the same frame to their images make their profile eye-catching.  

Engage with your audience

The whole point of social media is to communicate with other people and to stay connected.

Many businesses forget this and it shows in the constant barrage of promotional materials and little to no engagement with their audience.

Start to be more social online by engaging with people and even other brands too.

When people leave comments on your post, reply to them, answer questions, or at the very least leave a Like or some other reaction whenever appropriate.

You can also engage people by using the tools created on social networks for this very purpose. Here’s a post by How To Cook That where the creator asks people to share their opinions in a poll.

Another idea is to see what’s trending on social media and to join right in if it’s appropriate. 

Take a look at this example. A Twitter account for fictional character Ted Lasso tweeted that he would toast people. 

This led to many brands participating in the thread to create a wholesome experience that caught the attention of the internet. 

When you engage with your users consistently, you highlight a more human side to your brand and also show people that you are listening. This creates a positive impression that stays with your audience. 

Create emotions in your audience

Brands that stand out on social media often do so by triggering emotions with their content. Check out this simple but beautiful post by Costa Coffee

The focus on recycling and better sustainability reaches people at an emotional level and makes for better engagement and brand building. 

And finally, one of the most effective ways to stand out online and create emotion is to share humorous content. Here’s an example from The Office’s YouTube channel

Last thoughts

There you have it. There are plenty of ideas in this post that will help you create a strong social media presence in 2021. 

To make it easier and effective, make sure that you leverage Constant Contact’s social features and you’ll drive your social media marketing in the right direction from the get-go.