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Little Nan’s is a pop-up cocktail bar owned by Tristan Scutt. Having popped up in various London locations, Tristan (and Little Nan) decided it was time to return to their roots — south London.

Serving up cocktails in teapots in kitsch vintage surroundings isn’t enough to build excitement for an opening night. So, to publicise the launch of Little Nan’s Tropical Cocktail Den, Tristan knew he needed to up his game to make the launch a success.

Planning to fail is failing to plan

Having used SMS marketing before, Tristan knew he had to include it in his marketing plan. He also knew he had to make the most of the engaged email readers he already had.

“Little Nan’s Bar is usually in secret speak easy locations, I am constantly thinking of new ways to promote the business to new customers whilst reminding existing customers that we are here,” says owner, Tristan. “With every pop-up location being almost like a launch night itself, I needed to find different ways to promote each location.”

With that in mind, he worked out a three-step plan to get him the bookings he needed for his opening weekend.

Having worked out his plan, Tristan put it into play. Here’s what he did:

  1. Using his key word (NAN) he asked people to text their email address to his FireText shortcode (82228).
    The reward for doing this? A free candy shot at the opening weekend of the bar. An automated text gave people the password to claim their free drink.
    He promoted this everywhere — in his bar, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  2. The emails that were collected were stored directly into Tristan’s Constant Contact account. This is because of the clever integration between FireText and Constant Contact. Once the email address was stored in his Constant Contact account, an automated email was sent to each person offering them the chance to enter a sweepstakes to win a night on Nan on the opening weekend.
  3. Tristan also built excitement by sending weekly updates on the launch and encouraging people to reserve their tables.

The result

Over the opening weekend, more than 200 people visited Little Nan’s Tropical Cocktail Den.

“Using FireText and Constant Contact was a great help in reminding our existing customers that we are here and about to open up a new location. The best bit was the integration between the two products. I didn’t have to do a thing – they talked to each other seamlessly,” explains Tristan. “Email addresses collected via the text campaign went straight into my Constant Contact account. Mobile numbers collected on my email sign up form were sent to my FireText account automatically. Using both email and text together also really helped give new customers a sense of belonging to the Little Nan’s family.”

So you could say that his three-week campaign to launch his new bar was a success!

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