Relaxed business man with feet up on deskA question I hear a lot from our customers lately is “I have no idea what to post on my social media sites. How do I create content?”

If I said “You don’t have to,” would you believe me? It’s true!

One of the great things about social media marketing is the access we have to lots of content.

Facebook users create an average of 90 pieces of content a month. All this creativity is too good to keep to ourselves – so we share it. Every 60 seconds on Facebook, users share 50,000 links with their friends.

Take advantage of the great content that’s online and use it to engage with your Facebook fans. Here are four resources to find content for your social media marketing without having to do all the work:

1. Fans and Followers

TeeFury – an online T-shirt store and Constant Contact customer – sells a new T-shirt design every day. Each shirt is available to purchase for only 24 hours. They’ve started a promotion on their Facebook Page called “Wanna See it Print?” by using artist-submitted T-shirt designs and asking for fan feedback. This coffee-themed shirt got the OK with more than 1,300 likes, 152 shares and 163 comments. Someone else designs the shirt, the fans make the decision and TeeFury gains a new product and customer engagement from their efforts. Your followers can help you create content – just ask. Use Facebook questions, ask them to submit photos or video, or just ask their opinion on something. Great content will follow.

2. Employees

Vincent’s Country Store in Westminster, MA has a crew of fearless employees who are willing to dress like cereal boxes and hold a sumo wrestling match and host discount dance parties. The deli and bakery staff experiment with new recipes – like garlic & cheese calzones or cherry pie bread – they post photos of the treats to get customer feedback. By asking employees to participate on Facebook, Vincent’s Country Store is showing their sense of humor, giving their customers a look at the people behind the business, and combining the creativity of multiple people to produce social media content.

3. Reviews/Recommendations

Constant Contact customer Taza Chocolate has a lot of admirers of their stone ground organic chocolate – including food bloggers and specialty food stores who frequently post reviews of their products and recipes that include their chocolate. Taza shares the love by posting reviews like a Valentine’s Day chocolate recommendation from The Knack and a photo of Taza chocolate gelato from Maple’s Organic Desserts. Do you have a relationship with bloggers in your local area or your industry? Send them a sample product for review or offer to be interviewed for a blog post. Partner with other local merchants who use your product – post their recipes, promotions and events.

4. Your Industry

The Girl Scouts have a lot of resources in their favor: more than 2 million members, 890,000 volunteers and a presence in 92 countries. Chapters like The Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington regularly share content like submitted blog posts from other chapters, stories from Girl Scout headquarters, and news coverage of Girl Scout events. Take advantage of the content that’s created through your industry – share blog posts, multimedia and news stories from other chapters or franchises. Link to information from industry groups, clubs or associations or ask members to write a blog post for you.

Don’t stress out over content

Use these tips and you’ll be on your way to creating engaging content without having to do all of the work. Hooray social media!

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