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In my job, I get to work with hundreds upon hundreds of business owners, and it makes me really sad to hear that many of them just don’t think their businesses or industries are interesting enough to do Engagement Marketing.

This is because engaging your audience (i.e. talking to them and getting them to talk back & tell their friends) is something that we can clearly identify when some zingy, zany, cheeky little scamp of a business does it, as they can do it easily, in a fun, and entertaining, way. However, that isn’t usually appropriate for serious, data-heavy or professionally regulated businesses.

So what’s the answer?

Well first of all, don’t try to be something you’re not. A dog wearing a saddle is still a dog, not a horse. They are two different creatures, with different traits and needs, and you need to look at your business in the same way.

Start with what people want from you. Let’s look at some examples: IT security company? People want security and safety for their systems. Accountant? They want you to keep them in the black and in charge of their money. Solicitor? Your customers want their legal issues prevented or fixed.

Your customers are actually INTERESTED in these things, because that’s what they come to you for. So all you need to do is share relevant information on those topics – but put it in terms that make sense to your customers.

Here’s what I suggest that you do:

  1. Write a list of the most common questions you are asked by your customers. Hint: If they’re asking the question, then they’re interested in the answer!
  2. Answer one of those questions in plain English, as if you are explaining it to an ordinary person sitting there in front of you.
  3. If the answer is really short, you can share the whole thing in your email newsletter, if it’s longer, post it on your blog or website, and put an excerpt and a link in your newsletter.
  4. Remember to link and repost via your social media profiles and pages.

There you have it! Your first piece of Engagement Marketing. Go get ‘em!