Every day, businesses and organizations send out hundreds of millions of emails to customers, clients, supporters, members, prospects, and friends.

Many of these emails are sent from tools like Constant Contact.

We all know how valuable these marketing messages are, and how important it is to have a good email list. The problem is, how do you get more subscribers to keep that list growing?

There are many answers to this question. One that is often overlooked is leveraging what you’re already doing — i.e., sending normal emails to all of your customers, clients, prospects, members, and supporters from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail, etc. Think about how many emails you send every day to people who may not be on your email marketing list. How many of them might be interested in opting in to your mailing list?

You’ll never know until you ask, or give people the opportunity to opt in. Constant Contact has partnered with Wisestamp, an email signature creation tool, to provide our customers with an easy to use and free tool to assist in this effort. Using Wisestamp, you can create a simple email signature that includes a link for your regular email contacts to sign up for your Constant Contact email list. You can also add dozens of other features, such as a link to your Facebook or Twitter accounts to help build your social media following.

Using an option like Wisestamp puts the power in the hands of your customers, clients, supporters, members, prospects, and friends. If you just imported  your entire Gmail address book to your Constant Contact account, you’d end up with many contacts that don’t want to receive your marketing messages, bad addresses, and a risk to your reputation. You could also ask each one of them in a follow up email if they want to join, but that’s a lot of work.

With Wisestamp, any small business or organization can have a professional and powerful email signature that will generate new email list subscribers. I’ve been using a customized email signature for years now, and it’s helped me to grow my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. It’s great to see a powerful tool for small businesses and organizations that lets them grow their mailing lists in a really simple manner, and even better, to see it available for free.

For more information, or to get Wisestamp, check out their listing in the Constant Contact MarketPlace.