Recently, I got an invitation to attend a pre-screening of an upcoming movie.

There was an opportunity to meet the director, the original author, the whole works! Registration was required and attendance was limited so naturally I found myself scrambling to sign-up through my “smart” phone on the way home from work.

There were so many fields to fill out, I eventually gave up and just waited until I got home.

It just goes to show you that even the most enthusiastic people can get daunted if they have problems when registering for an event. That’s why it’s so important to keep the mobile experience in mind when working with event registration forms or invitations.

So let’s talk about the sort of things you want to think about when creating your invitations and your registration page, as well as what Constant Contact makes easy automatically.

Tactics to remember

When you’re creating your invitations and registration page, try to keep it simple.

  • Don’t go overboard with images. Images in your invitation can speak a thousand words, which is great. They also take time to load and need to be scrolled by, which is a little less great.
  • Use your white space (and your colored fonts) wisely. Creating paragraph breaks and using easy to read colors is important for readability in any context, whether it be an event invitation or your registration page.
  • Ask only for the information you really need. Of course there’s information you have to get from your registrants. Just keep in mind that if they are responding through their phones it’s a lot more work to fill out ten fields than it is five. So keep it to only what is absolutely necessary.

Mobile registration made easy

When it comes to your actual event registration page, we take all the guess work out of making it mobile friendly by:

  • Adjusting it to the screen – No one likes having to scroll from side to side to read what they are registering for. Now the form will be automatically sized to the screen it’s displaying on.
  • Making buttons easier to click – By making the buttons a little more prominent and distinct we make them easier to tap or click.
  • Making fields larger – Typing in information is easier and quicker when the fields are larger and more visible.

Are your events mobile ready?

Reducing the speed bumps in your registration process for your mobile registrants can be that easy.

Keep in mind that you can send yourself a preview of your event invitation to check out on your own mobile device. It’s a great way to know what your customers are experiencing and fine-tune as you go.

What do you do to make sure your event invitations and registration pages are mobile friendly? Tell us in the comments below.