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Content, content, content. My whole life is engrossed in social content.

Even when I’m not sat behind a computer screen, I’m thinking about content. I even got myself a dog so I’d have better Instagram content on my own personal page… okay, maybe that’s not true but I do now have a dog and my personal content has improved.

The point I’m trying to make is that you have some awesome content which you’ve shared across your social platforms, why not recycle it and use it on your e-mail newsletter?

Hopefully you’re all using an email newsletter. I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted but if you’re not, why not? You can’t just rely on social media to get your message/product/brand out there these days.

Before social media, I remember bands always using mailing lists to tell people about forthcoming releases and tours. It died off a bit when MySpace was massive but now it’s back with a vengeance as bands realise that a mail list is a necessary promotional tool and social pages can’t always be relied upon.

Back to the topic in hand. Recycling is one thing, but so is a marketing cohesiveness. Earlier this year at Awesome Merchandise, we ran a massive sweepstakes giveaway via a Facebook competition for one lucky clothing company to win over £1000 of merchandise. Luke Hodson (Awesome Merchandise owner) and I immediately made a plan to make sure we ran a cohesive and coherent campaign across our social platforms, blog and mailing list – so that everyone was hit with our gargantuan giveaway at the same time!

You may think that it’s stupid to target people via an email out with a competition that generates email addresses, as you already have their email. BUT, don’t forget that when people enter, they then share the competition via social and they may have a lot of friends in a similar industry who will want to win such a grand prize.

When it comes to the content, Luke makes his emails very personable and that works very well with our blog, which I run.

At Awesome Merchandise, we want our fans and friends to be entertained with what we have to say and we want them to get on board with the fact that we’re just normal people who happen to be also providing an awesome service.

Via our blog, we’ve run ‘Meet The Staff’ posts, a Spotify playlist article where the staff chose the songs, many a merchandise-related series, event diaries and of course, posts about new products, competitions and spotlights of the awesomely unique products which we’ve made for people. All this blog content can be recycled into an email newsletter.

If you’ve seen that people love your blog via Facebook or Twitter, then you must share it with your mailing list too. It’s all very well spending hours writing the blog of your life but what’s the point if people don’t know about it?

At Awesome Merchandise we’re very keen on getting the human aspect of our company across to people. We want people to see behind the scenes.

We’ve made videos at HQ that do this , with our staff in them. Of course, we then share these via our social pages and then our newsletter. The newsletter is then also used as a medium to promote the blog and social pages. It’s a perpetual social circle of constant promotion but we also make sure that we don’t crowd people’s inboxes with newsletters.

No one likes spam and there’s no point sending something out just for the sake of sending something out. You can send several tweets a day out about the same subject but we like to respect the inbox!

The last thing is to mention is promoting new products. Our last newsletter was entirely focused on a brand new product that we’d launched – sticker packs. I ran a competition to give some away and Luke created a newsletter which promoted this competition, as well as the sticker packs on the website. I think a better word to use other than cohesiveness is symbiosis.

Our social plan works symbiotically with our newsletter. The two internet marketing heavyweights working together to improve promotion!

Thanks very much for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ll end with this: If your business/brand/whatever uses something awesome to promote what you do via your social, then make sure your friends on your email list get to see it too. Apparently (and I’m shocked by this) – some people don’t use Facebook or Twitter. Heathens!

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