Attention e-commerce businesses: did you know that you now have the power to sell your products and services using Instagram and Pinterest?

Pinterest and Instagram recently announced buttons that will allow users to purchase items directly through your business’s social media accounts.

Both social platforms will be adding this new feature, but they will function a little differently due to user behaviors. On Instagram, users typically sign in to see photos of friends or their favorite brands, while on Pinterest users are on the hunt for something new and have a strong intent to purchase.

Pinterest’s buttons will allow the user to skip directly to checkout once they click the “Buy It” button on a pin. Instagram’s “Shop Now” buttons will bring users to the brand’s website, app, or email sign-up page.

Want to learn more about these new features and how they can help your e-commerce small business? Check out our latest video:

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How can you use this new feature?

The Pinterest “Buy It” buttons will roll out on iPhone and iPad in the U.S. later this month and will reach Android products later this year. Instagram will be releasing their “Shop Now” buttons to select partners at first, but will expand globally throughout the year. Once the buttons become available, you will have to opt-in using your account settings.

For now, focus on revving up your visual presence. Make sure that your products are present on both Instagram and Pinterest. Equip your accounts with high-quality photos and descriptive captions.

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