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Recently, a friend of mine (also a small business owner) asked me what life is like at Constant Contact and how we stay focused on you, the customer?

The answer I gave was this…there are a lot of things that make life here at Constant Contact pretty exciting and rewarding. We all truly love thinking about ways to make our customers’ lives better, easier, and more successful every day through easy-to-use online marketing tools and coaching.

I guess there’s a good reason why we’ve received over 20 workplace and business-related awards in the last 15 months. Most recently, we were named the “Most Admired Public Technology Company in Massachusetts” by the readers of the Boston Business Journal. Not too bad, eh?

Her question got me thinking about the things Constant Contact does for its employees to help us stay focused on you, our customer.

Here are the top 11 reasons why working at Constant Contact is rewarding for us and you.

11. Food

We don’t call ourselves “Constant Calories” for nothing! You’ll find delicious food (that we order from our customers) in kitchens, at meetings, everywhere. And we all know that a well-fed employee stays focused longer and works harder right? It’s true! Also, our employees have regular “pot lucks,” “bake offs,” “best-chili” contests, and our munchkin eating contest has become famous. We also close out every week with Beer Cart Friday’s, sponsored by different departments. But seriously, we’re committed to wellness too. We offer gym membership discounts and yoga at work too. In Waltham, you’ll find many of our employees in the gym downstairs, running the surrounding trails, or using the basketball and tennis courts in the parking lot.

10. Transparency

Have you ever worked for a company where the doors were always closed and you felt sheltered from what’s really going on? Not here. Everything and I mean everything, is out in the open. Even though we have 1200+ employees, we still have company-wide meetings! Whether it’s our business strategy and performance or our company insights and metrics, everything is out in the open. This also includes access to the executives as well. Gail, our CEO, is as accessible as anyone. Constant Contact is a lot of things, but bureaucratic or secretive we are not! And this philosophy affects the relationship we have with you. We’re an open book and are always willing to share what we know.

9. Stand up

“Stand-up” Meetings, stand-up desks (if you want one of course) and most importantly, stand-up people pretty much describe our place. At 10:15 a.m. every day, you’ll find our employees in different departments doing their daily stand ups (except for every other Tuesday, those are slated as no-meeting days.) Sounds cliché but, collaboration and teamwork are a must at Constant Contact. We work hard to stay simple, nimble, and agile, just like the small businesses we serve even though we are no longer a small business. We also don’t just hire talented people. We hire good people, stand-up people. Internally, we informally have a “no jerks” hiring policy. This mindset was adopted in the early years of Constant Contact and we’ve maintained this philosophy as we’ve grown into a publicly traded $250+ million dollar business with over half a million customers. Oh, and about the stand-up desks…they’re pretty awesome too.

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8. Tech

Oh my, the Tech! Listen, here’s the deal. Our customers don’t want to think of our products as “technology,” which is why we make them easy to use. But behind that simplicity is ground-breaking innovation driven by a world-class team of engineers. With our latest deployment, we now have one of the largest “Ruby on Rails” applications on the East Coast and last year, we sent 45 billion emails. (Big Data!) Our engineers utilize a full technology stack, including Java, Javascript, Ruby, Puppet, and Cassandra. For all you non-techies, these are programming languages. It’s all pretty cool stuff, kind of like Star Wars for computers. See our engineers in action. The bottom line, we don’t tell our engineers what kind of technology they have to use. We hand select bleeding-edge technologists and let them go. Engineers at Constant Contact have the backing to take an idea, build it out, and release it to hundreds of thousands of customers. Happy, productive engineers, create amazing work.

7. Career development

Our employees experienced close to 300 promotions and internal moves to other departments last year with over 600 in the last 2 years. Enough said…

6. Social events

No, I’m not talking about our awesome Social Media & Event Marketing products. I’m talking about our social events. They’re everywhere. Big bashes for company milestones, innovation jams, earnings calls, small business seminars, new-hire welcome socials, and after work gatherings. The word “social” takes on new meaning here beyond just Social Media.

5. The weather

Do you surf? Ski? We’ve got a little something for everyone with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boca Raton, London, and Waltham. (Ok, so I admit this was a bit of a reach. At least give me credit for figuring out a way to weave in all of our office locations.)

4. Awesome perks and bennies

From your traditional benefits like a 401K (yes, we match!) to Pet Insurance (let me say that again Pet Insurance,) you’ll find awesome benefits across the board. But that’s only half of it. The perks are super cool too. All-expenses-paid trips to conferences, tuition reimbursement for leadership development programs, paid subscriptions for professional memberships, and did I mention the internal contests? This year, as part of our Employee Referral Program (our #1 source of hiring, and we are hiring a lot) we are sending the employee who brings in the most talent this year on a trip for two anywhere they want to go in the world! This is just another way we are growing our talent and organization while having fun and rewarding hard work at the same time.

3. Philanthropy

We love nonprofits and we love giving back to the community.  Our “Cares for Community” program allows employees to take paid volunteer time to help a charity or a cause of their choice. Employees can also take advantage of our matching gift program and participate in our annual charity auction where we raise thousands of dollars each year for nonprofits in need. Over the past year, we’ve donated thousands to organizations like the Boston One Fund, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Junior Achievement. To top it all off, we love teaching our nonprofit customers how to better market themselves so that they too can raise more money for their cause.

2. Freedom

We’re a colorful bunch and we allow our employees to color outside the lines. Sometimes those lines aren’t even there, which means you might just have to draw your own lines. And based on the wacky color schemes you see all over the office, I’d say that we’re coloring outside the lines quite a bit. You’ll find very little process and policy here. We believe in outcome over process and we’re comfortable with that. We think it’s the best way to serve you. There’s no one here telling you what to do or how to do it. Ideas come from everywhere and leadership happens at all levels. At Constant Contact, it’s all about having the freedom to speak up, innovate, come and go, and enjoy life at work.

1. The mission! 

Constant Contact exists to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve their dreams. Our entire company is aligned around this mission and our core values. There is no further evidence of this deep connection than our world-class employee engagement scores. Small business has always been the backbone of our country and we believe in our mission.

So there you have it. I think the next time someone asks me that question about Constant Contact I’ll answer it with a question of my own.

“What’s there not to like?”