Okay, sure, you know segmenting your email list is a great idea. You’ve probably heard that narrowing things down by geography can help you decide the best time to send an email to different audiences.

You may have even run an online survey asking your contacts different questions and segmented them based on the answers.

But what about all the other stuff like age, net worth, and gender?

Constant Contact has partnered with RapLeaf to provide that data to users, so you can really use email marketing to send out targeted newsletters.

Here’s how you can get access to all of that information in less than two minutes:

1. Authorize RapLeaf for your account

You’ll find the RapLeaf app in the Constant Contact Marketplace, where all of our third-party apps and integrations live.

When you click the “Get it here” button and go on to the next screen, you’ll just have to authorize the app so it can access your account.

2. Choose your list

If you already have a few different lists, choose the one you want to segment further.

3. Export to Constant Contact

Once you’ve selected your list, you can take a look at the charts and see a general breakdown of age, gender, and other factors.

Some data, like age, gender, and location, are free, but some more detailed fields do cost a fee.

Start sending!

Once RapLeaf finishes creating your list, you’ll get an email that the process is complete. From there, you can start sending your newsletter—or your highly targeted marketing campaign based on RapLeaf’s data—to your newly sorted contacts.

So have a look at RapLeaf’s charts, make a few lists, and start emailing!

Want to learn more about RapLeaf? Check out the listing in the Constant Contact Marketplace